We have a new web ♥


To celebrate our 10th birthday, we decided to improve the user experience by launching a new web. We improved some areas and came up with new solutions which will help you integrate with our projects, local history of culture and creativity development or even with the choice of best events in the city.

The new feature is CIKE Blog with a design and functioning similar to the Invisible Mag. Its visual side is helpful for translating ideas of which the main feature are squares. They represent “building blocks” which step by step colour out the capital city of culture. It serves a metaphor for everyone who advances our region through their cultural and creative endeavours and at the same time, participates in CIKE activities.

The design was made by Martin Jerkovič and Silvia Podoláková is responsible for UX. Big thanks goes to Michal Danko for coding. This web is a result of many consultations with every team members at CIKE.