What is CIKE?

What is CIKE?

CIKE consists of people who want to get Košice to the level of other progressive European cities. They create space for new opportunities and write stories full of success.

CIKE has the experience

  • with big international projects such as ECC 2013 and UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts
  • with creating the main strategy for the development of cultural and creative industry in Košice since its foundation 10 years ago,
  • with managing innovation

CIKE has the tools

thanks to which it creates connections between skilled people who then develop the city. We do this by:

  • creating local and international collaborations
  • sharing and getting the ‘know-how’
  • having a shared strategy

CIKE is here for

  • people from the cultural and creative industry
  • the emerging and also established business owners
  • students
  • professional partners who want to innovate
  • those, who want to invest their know-how into the development of Košice

Success Stories


Master plan 2013 - 2018

Master plan 2019 - 2023

In progress

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