This Slovak-Japanese pair of artists will create a joint artwork as result of the City to City – Human Responsibility project


The Reminiscence Path is the name of the artwork which will be created by Košice media art artist Beáta Kolbašovská in cooperation with sound artist Junichi Oguro from Sapporo, Japan. A unique audiovisual work will be created by connecting two people from different parts of the world.

Beáta Kolbašovská, Junichi Oguro

The main idea is to create an audiovisual installation using data which reflect the lives of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. In times when travelling is not possible, the online cooperation of artists across continents will enable them to overcome the geographical distance of two cities, Košice and Sapporo, at least in a virtual form.

CIty to City media art

Artists will gather information on pedestrian and cyclist paths in both cities using GPS data obtained from various applications and topographic maps. With digital technology, they will get direct access to our memory. The word “path” carries the meaning of life and route. What will we think when we look back on this work in a few years? Where did we go during the lockdown? Where did we feel safe? Where could our minds breathe?

Beáta Kolbašovská will create the visual part, and Junichi Oguro the musical part. The audio-visual installation with binaural sound will be presented across UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts around the world, including Košice during the Art & Tech Days festival.

Beáta Kolbašovská is a Slovak media art artist who lives and works in Košice. Her focus is on site specific installation, A/V performance, VJ-ing, video installation, and live visuals. She is the CO-founder of Nano VJs, a visual collective, which creates experimental video/3D mapping and live artworks, and collaborates with contemporary dancers, theaters, performers and musicians worldwide.

Junichi Oguro is a Japanese sound artist, born in Sapporo, who widens the realm of music. His focus is on the construction of music with nature and technology. His work includes compositions, live performances, sound programming and contemporary artworks. In recent years, he has produced Japan’s first commercial 3D sound system, music for Sony and UNIQLO commercials, field recordings around the world, and managed an independent label called 43d. He is an Ableton Certified Trainer for DJs and music producers.

The Reminiscence Path will be presented online on December 10. 2020, during the Official Online Inauguration together with other projects from all over the world.

The City to City: Human Responsibility project is a result of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts initiative that aims to promote art and culture as a driving force for sustainable development. Five international pairs were formed by the artists of the member cities and they will create their artworks during one month of online collaboration. They should respond to current issues of human responsibility for areas affected by human existence and activities. Resulting installations will be presented at the events of UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts around the world. Košice became part of this network in 2017, while the main event of media art is the Art & Tech Days festival.

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