The first online meeting of media art collaboration with the city of Austin


Košice and Austin – Creative Cities of UNESCO joined together in an online media art collaboration. The artist from Košice is Mišo Hudák, and he will collaborate with the artist Faiza Kracheni from Austin. Together, they will create a project on the topic of Behavioral Change. At the first online meeting – LAB Coaching Session 1, which was facilitated by Alexandra Matiová (CIKE) and Laura Odegaard from Austin, they discussed how they perceive the topic of collaboration in connection with technologies, who inspires them and the possibilities of their joint output.

Follow us, and you will learn more about the artists and their project, which they will present together during this year’s Art & Tech Days and Conference.

The collaboration of these artists was realized within the framework of the Virtual International Collaboration project at the CCI, which was supported by the Slovak Arts Council from public sources. The Slovak Arts Council is the main partner of the project.