The Cyanotypes project will bring solutions for the further development of the creative sector


Cyanotypes project brings together various stakeholders from the CCSI to develop a strategic approach to new skills development solutions that can be adopted across the creative sector.

Last week the consortium partners met in Utrecht for the CYANOTYPES kick-off meeting. CIKE, as one of the project’s partners, together with 20 other partner organizations, discussed the work ahead.

We explore which innovative, multidisciplinary frameworks, strategic interventions, and skills development solutions should be adopted across the European CCI ecosystem.

Since the European economy in general, and the CCP in particular, is influenced by increasingly shorter cycles of social and technological innovation, the ability to “keep ahead” becomes a general requirement for developing and implementing sustainable business models.

Therefore, Cyanotypes integrates learning based on future scenarios into its training approach.

You can find more information about the Cyanotypes project here.

We will inform you about all the activities of the project soon. #CYANOTYPES

Cyanotypes is part of the Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Programme.