Sean Mulholland and his Language without Words


Sean works ​as a Design + Team Lead focusing on new ventures, media, and technology at IDEO – ​a global design and innovation company. Since working with Steve Jobs and designing products for Apple, they have shifted to the concept of creating a positive change through design.

IDEO is the pioneer and leader of human-centred design. They work with organizations interested in creating a new generation of products and services. They help them to innovate and deliver complex solutions in technology, education, empowering communities, ecology and health.

Sean Mulholland w​ill come to the Art & Tech Days festival not only as a speaker at Art & Tech Conference but will also bring his art installation ERNEST and a full-day workshop. ​He is fascinated by human-computer interaction and how technology affects human to human interaction.

His workshop Language Without Words ​will introduce participants to computer vision and explore how we might design human-centred applications of this technology through a condensed Design Sprint.

Interaction with computers is different from human communication, which includes non-verbal gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, eye contact, and the like. Computers, on the other hand, perceive only the specific inputs we provide.

Today, computers are increasingly able to perceive us ambiently. They can detect our face, where we are looking, and infer our emotions from our facial expressions. And how might this ability to more deeply communicate ​with technology affect how humans interact ​through technology?

You can find out more on 20 November in Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košice. You can buy your ticket ​here.

Here is a  preview of what a talk with Sean will look like: