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Youth 4 Bauhaus refers to the green initiative of the European Commission – New European Bauhaus (NEB), launched in October 2020. Inspired by creativity, art, and culture, this initiative aims to bring the European Green Deal to our living places and common lives.

It is a collective effort to imagine and build a sustainable, inclusive, and ”beautiful future”, in which a space for designing future ways of living is created, emphasizing the need for crossing arts, culture, social inclusion, science, and technology.

Citizens are one of the most important stakeholders in this cross-sectoral initiative. Thus, they need to be better informed about various topics ranging from principles of sustainable development, architecture, urbanism, business, sociology, ecology, and culture. Young people are an important category in this case. They represent the future, and innovative approaches will bring them closer to how to get involved in changing public spaces.


The Youth 4 Bauhaus project aims to empower young people for change in the cities in which they live. To engage them in public space to better present their opinions on its use – in a sustainable, greener, inclusive way, in the principles of the New European Bauhaus green approach (beautiful, sustainable, and together). Sustainable urban planning, recreating of urban brownfields and unused spaces - all this needs to be consulted by young people.


From 2022 to 2024, together with our partners, we will organize:
  • 4 workshops and training sessions for the youth
  • 4 events for local and regional actors
We will prepare two project results:

Project Partners

  • GEYC – Bucharest, Romania
  • Teatro Circo de Braga – Braga, Portugal
  • CollectiveUp – Ghent, Belgium

Associated partners:

  • Stredná priemyselná škola stavebná a geodetická, Košice

Project is co-funded by the European Union.


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