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Creative Industry Košice workshops give you the opportunity to build on your current curriculum, update and enrich your knowledge in new areas. Our educational programmes are created by professionals and give you the basis for learning new practical skills, accompanied by theory. These workshops are led by both local and international lecturers who are experts who achieved success in their line of work.

We organize workshops all year round. They are either one-time workshops or they take place during the Art & Tech Days festival.

We specialise in project management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and basic legal knowledge. The workshops are suitable for every new entrepreneur, cultural manager and people who work in the creative industry.

During the Art & Tech Days festival, we organise interdisciplinary as well as more scholarly workshops for those who have a “clearer vision”. These workshops are led by speakers at the Art & Tech Conference and their focus changes based on the theme of the conference.

Check the Our projects page on our website for any updates on our current workshops. If you are interested in a more comprehensive and year-round education and training, see what’s new in the Mentoring section.

Would you like to 'workshop'?

You are a participant: Are you interested in lifelong education and practical workshops led by people with experience? Share with us your suggestions and we will do everything in our power to design a workshop that will suit your needs in the near future. To suggest a workshop theme, write to Michaela at

You're a co-organizer: You recognise the potential for creating a community or perhaps it already exists and you want to do contribute to it. Would you like to organise a meet-up, update your knowledge, or meet people from your field? Do you want to get in touch with interesting speakers and organise a talk? Get in touch us and we will support your idea with the practical side of its implementation.

CIKE is interested in co-organizing because we think it is very important to get to know the communities and their interests. We want to get a clear picture of what is happening in Košice so that we can meet the needs of people from the creative and cultural industry as adequately as possible.

You are a lecturer: Do you have a wealth of practical experience and you want to share it? Do you need to get to the target audience and get to know the people in your field? We will happily include you in our educational programmes according to the format that suits you.

Our priority is to develop the professional environment. Just as we educate and innovate through our activities, we also want to provide space for skilful professionals who want to share their knowledge or want to get to know the local environment better.

Marketing and entrepreneurship

Get into the business world // 5 x 4h // Marek Lavčák, Anna Bánociová, Viliam Vajda, Radovan Sidor, Slávka Klasová, Peter Čižmár and others

The goal of a series of five intensive evening workshop is to teach new entrepreneurs to identify their own potential, prepare a financial budget, set the cash flow and analyse costs. At the same time, you will learn how to determine what your source of income should be, how to choose the right legal form and reach potential customers. At the end of this course, you will be able to select just the information that is necessary to launch your business. This is a good start for anyone who plans to start a small business.

Sell ​​your product online // 3h // Gabriel Oprendek

At this evening workshop, you will learn the basic processes behind the launch of a product in the online world. You will find out how to test different methods for sales and promotion in practice. Within three hours you will learn the basic marketing tools in the gastro sector, which is the key to distinguishing your product on the market.

Fundamentals of project management // 2 x 4h // Rudolf Takáč

At this workshop, you will find what role plays the manager in composing a good team, with whom you should not go into business and what are the most common mistakes in the preparation phase of any project. You will also learn what factors are important if you want your business to succeed.

Therefore, other sub-themes of the workshop include the correct identification of all participants and their expectations, how to foresee possible risks and eliminate them as well as oversee project without going into too much detail.

Design Sprint by CIKE // 2 whole days // Braňo Frk, Matúš Draganovský

In Design Sprint by CIKE you will try out the methodology behind co-creation/co-design. This team methodology workshop teaches you to make quick decisions, effectively test a product or service, and approach problems and opportunities with creativity. The author of this methodology is Jake Knapp from Google Ventures which offers innovative and creative problem-solving processes to businesses like Twitter, Medium, iPhone, Google or Slack.

Art & Tech Workshops 2017

Build your game pitch // 4h // Stéphan Assadourian (CA)

Workshop for game designers, both amateur and professional, who are interested in creating video games and transforming game ideas into a vision, then translating it to "investors". At the workshop, you will form a vision and create your own playground. You will achieve clarity and coherence while working on your own game.

Introduction to Discovery UX Research // 7h // Zsuzsa Kovács

No matter what methodology is used by your company, understanding the target audience and involving existing and future customers in it, should be one of the key steps in the process. "Discovery research" makes sure that you solve the problems you are dealing with appropriately and at the same time improve the lives of your users. In order to do this, you must first immerse yourself in the problem, understand it and empathize with the people for whom the product is being created. Workshop for communicators, researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, UX designers, students...

Classic film animation workshop for children - Loop de Loop // 7h // Andrej Kolenčík

Animation workshop for children who are 7 years old or older. Children will create a short cartoon/loop using a classic cartoon animation. First, they will get acquainted with the basic principles of animation, then with concrete examples and afterwards, they will create something individually. In the end, the children's drawings are used in a final video, a short film. Art & Tech Kids workshops are among the most popular.

Introduction to work with TouchDesigner - Tools for Art and Interaction // 2 x 4,5h // Alex Guevara (PE)

TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that provides you with tools to create powerful, real-time visualisations. Whether you're creating interactive media systems, architectural projections, VJing, or quick prototyping of your latest creative idea, TouchDesigner is a platform that allows you to it all.

Art & Tech Workshops 2018

Media communication for music festivals // 7h // Luis Fernandes (PT), Canal 180

This workshop demonstrates strategies and examples of cross-media marketing, content creation and strategic distribution on projects developed in collaboration with music festivals. It focuses on case studies such as NOS Primavera Sound in order to explore examples of innovative media strategies.

In contrast to the traditional communication strategy of the big festivals, which is structured around announcing the artists who are confirmed throughout the year, NOS Primavera Sound promotes thoughtful content in a short time frame.

Machine learning for artists // 7h // Gene Kogan (USA)

A workshop for artists, designers, coders and creatives will show machine learning from a different perspective. Participants will learn to use neural networks to create real-time interactions that are used for videos, installations, live music, and interactive design. Whether it is mapping speech patterns into image glitch effects, or transforming body movements into chord changes in electronic music, everyone will find the effect that interests him/her.

Stop-motion workshop for children // 4h // Matej Mazák

Stop-motion animation workshop for children that are older than 6 years. We show children that they do not need professional equipment for special movie effects. You just need a camera and a piece of imagination. We will introduce them to the stop motion technique and allow them to make a short video based on their own imagination, under the guidance of a professional animator.

Contemporary dance movement workshop // 3h // Stanislav Dobák

This three-hour workshop, divided into three blocks, focuses on the dance principles and techniques developed by Stanislav Dobák over the course of several years of his active dance career. After completing his dance studies at Belgian P.A.R.T.S and photography studies at the University of Hertfordshire in England, he explored the possibilities of merging film and dance. He strives to implement the film jargon into the movement vocabulary of the workshop participants and thus brings a new experience for the body and mind.

Data visualization // 7h // Mladý pes

Every marketer, journalist, scientist and even a cultural worker asks himself how to be interesting and share information effectively. People have less and less time to understand and comprehend challenging topics. Visualization of data, context and issues can help with understanding even more such topics. Visualization can also serve as a scientific tool to help uncover connections between data.

Are you interested in one of our workshops or would you like to facilitate one of them?

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