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Creative Industry Košice is not the central organization for destination management and marketing in Košice – yet it is in our interest to present our city in a way that reflects its identity. We present Košice as a cultural and creative place for life and work and an interesting tourist destination with great potential for international trade.

However, it would not be possible without a local connection. Collaborations and connections between local entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives are exactly what makes the presentation of a city as strong and possible.

We have decided to fulfill this long-term vision in a more innovative way, following the steps of other cities. We have come up with a unique concept that is unparalleled in the world. 

The Invisible Hotel

How do you distinguish yourself from other hotels in the time of megalomaniac hotel networks or Airbnb? How do you diversify your room portfolio and promote your new art piece? How do you reach new audiences and become part of the cultural life and creative power of the city?

The Invisible Hotel is a unique product of Creativity for Business program. It is a brand new form of accommodation which is only available in Košice.

Several artistically redesigned rooms located in different parts of the city with the primary objective of making Košice and its people more visible. The Invisible Hotel features five rooms in five different places. Each room was designed by different local artists based on a major historical event. The rooms also offer an overview of experiences collected in the Welcome Pack, a book guide to Košice, and in the online magazine The Invisible Mag.

The Invisible Hotel shows the hidden face of the city and reveals what was once invisible.

Welcome Pack

Every room of The Invisible Hotel has a Welcome Pack waiting for guests in the room. It includes a curated selection of handicraft products from local manufacturers, as well as free tickets to galleries, museums, cinema tickets, and free tables at the co-working center. A tailor-made program with a local guide is also part of the experience.

The Invisible Hotel promotes people, values, places and experiences. It picks the best that the city has to offer, thereby supporting the local economy to a much greater extent than the hotel itself.

The Invisible Mag

Did you know that CIKE also stands behind the online magazine The Invisible Mag?

Invisible Mag gives you access to online articles dealing with positive topics about interesting places and inspiring people from Košice. Photo reports, long-read articles, videos, or event guides in Košice – every Wednesday you can get new ideas for cool activities.

City Cracker

In 2018 we worked on compiling a selection of places in Košice which are worth visiting and where you can take your friends for a drink. This compilation has been materialized into a hundred-page book full of pictures from the participants of Photo Academy by CIKE x Woont program, put together with the design made by Studio 436.

The book is not a typical guide you would find at an info point. It has curated content that shows the less visible things in the city and the suburbs, whereby the visual, photos, and design play a significant role.

Sprievodca magazínového typu si skôr nájde čitateľa v mladšej generácii zahraničných cestovateľov, či tých odcestovaných, ktorí sa chcú pochváliť, aký rôznorodý charakter mesta je.

City Cracker literally means to crack the city, but it has one more hidden meaning: “To crack and joke” – telling a joke directly depends on the tone of the language used in this guide. This magazine-type guide was created for the younger generation – for the visiting tourists, or Slovaks who are abroad and want to promote the diverse character of the city.

City Cracker’s first version was distributed during the Art & Tech Conference. The second edition is now available in these bookstores and online.

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