The project Urban Citizen Power (Empower citizens for the agency as drivers for change in cities) will be implemented from April 2024. Together with international partners, we are looking for ways to engage the citizens of cities. We want to harness active citizens’ potential for positive urban transformation.

Today, cities face a variety of challenges related to climate change, environmental degradation, social problems, and economic and digital transformation. Many of these challenges have not yet been faced, and therefore, they lack appropriate and tested tools to address them. Cooperation with foreign partners offers the opportunity to exchange experiences with other European cities and to seek new approaches to prepare and modernize urban policies. In doing so, they will use the greatest asset they have – the collective innovation of individuals.

The project consortium is led by the experienced German Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein. Other partners are the cities of Pori-Prizztech (Finland), Groningen (Netherlands), Braga (Portugal), Guldborgsund (Denmark), Kiel (Germany), and the Regional Development Fund of central Macedonia (Greece). The associated partners are the cities of Pori (Finland), Košice and the Region of Central Macedonia.

Objectives of the project

The project’s goal for us and the city of Košice is to complete the strategy for the care of public greenery in the city of Košice based on the methodology and experience gained within the consortium and the active involvement of local stakeholders and citizens of the city. As a result, it will serve the city and its citizens more effectively in the further development of the city and in the fight against the challenges mentioned above.

Project activities

The objectives of the project are to be achieved by active participation in the Urban Living Labs, which will serve to present approaches in individual cities, for discussion between partners and for practical familiarisation with the functioning of individual cities. We will then incorporate the good practice examples and procedures into a strategic document for green space development in cooperation with a local group composed of organisations active in the development and maintenance of urban green spaces, as well as active citizens.

The project is co-funded by the Interreg Europe programme.

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