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The Slovak-Norwegian Cultural Matching initiative explores how culture, aesthetics, and creativity can improve civic participation in digital cities and the options of implementing these findings in physical space. Invited Slovak and Norwegian representatives of culture and cultural industry, artists, and experts will discuss, present and share their experience during online workshops and discussions.


During the pandemic Covid 19, it has become clear we do not only live in a physical space but digital as well. As a reaction to this situation, the initiative’s goal is:

  • Networking between Slovakia and Norway in the field of culture and creative industry.
  • Raising awareness about the Norwegian culture in Slovakia (and vice versa), their activities, and approaches to social challenges they face.
  • Looking for ways to use available online sources to increase the quality of life in a “digital city,” even during the pandemic situation. 
  •  Looking for new and innovative practices for the digital revolution to significantly shape the cultural sector and strengthen cross-cultural dialogue and entrepreneurial skills.


The initiative lasts from 1st January 2022 to 31st July 2022. During this time, we will organize six online workshops/discussions, where Slovak and Norwegian experts will deal with the topics:

 1. Digital citizenship and Participatory City Making  

2. A Humanist Approach to Sustainable Architecture

3. Interdisciplinary Online Lab on Inclusive Culture

4. Cultural Policies Supported by the Digital Tools

5. Dance as a Driver of Inclusion

6. Final Networking Lab


Besides the public events, there will also be space for panelists to network and discuss possible further cooperations between Slovak and Norwegian creatives.


The initiative’s outcomes are six online discussions available for the public on our YouTube channel even after the events. The concept of the initiative and online workshops is designed to create space for networking of speakers invited to the events. They can get to know each other better and discuss their ideas and possible projects to strengthen Slovak and Norwegian cultural and creative institutions.


We organize this initiative in cooperation with the Norwegian partner Urban Space Lab, founded by Laurie Vestøl, to explore connections between place, identity, and belonging. Participatory labs include stakeholders in developing landscapes with authenticity and character. 



Digital Citizenship and Participatory City Making | 10th February 2022, 13:00-14:30  

During the first of the online events aimed at exchanging experience in the cultural sphere between Slovakia and Norway, we discuss topics like digital citizenship,
civic participation, and co-creation in urban planning. These are the Slovak and Norwegian speakers who share their experiences:

  • Pavol Miroššay, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Slovensko IT, a.s. (SK) 
  • Viktória Mravčáková, Architect and urbanist (SK) 
  • Mišo Hudák, Active citizen and founder of Východné pobrežie (SK) 
  • Hege Johansen, Planner at Lebesby municipality in Finnmark, Northern Norway (NO) 
  • Martin Bendiksen & Eivind Reibo Jentoft, Plenum Tjenestedesign (NO) 
  • Malin Kock Hansen, Senior Advisor for Design and Architecture Norway – DOGA (NO) 

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language.

A Humanist Approach to Sustainable Architecture 28th March 2022, 17:00-20:00  

Can architecture and creativity address poverty and be a driver for sustainability? Our Norwegian partners will showcase a unique artist-based online initiative that helps break the cycle of poverty in Kenya, improving the quality of life through education. Slovak guests will present their experience fighting poverty in the Roma community. Due to the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, speakers will also address the topic of humanitarian support.

We will welcome these guests:

  • Veronika Poklembová,Director of ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development
  • Michal Sládek, Architect, Spolka
  • Lindsay Sanner, Founder & CEO of Eco Moyo project
  • Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski, Architect, Architects without borders & Haptic Architects

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language.

Interdisciplinary Online Lab on Inclusive Culture  | 7th april 2022, 17:00-18:30

A diverse community can develop connections to place, identity, and belonging through art. We are interested in transdisciplinary projects exploring various approaches to work with specific neighborhoods, target groups, and audiences. The online discussion will focus on citizen participation, landscape sustainability, and art installations in Norway. Speakers from Slovakia will elaborate on the inclusive culture and creation and address the questions: How to open the cultural spaces and events to all people in the city? What are the real barriers for different groups? What are the strategies for inclusive collaborations?

We will welcome these guests:

  • Laurie Vestøl from Urban Space Lab
  • Arild Berg, OsloMet, artist mentor and professor
  • Zuzana Zmateková, textile designer, Amenge project
  • Barbora Andor Tóthová, co-founder of Cinema Úsmev

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language.

Cultural Policies Supported by the Digital Tools  | 27th april 2022, 13:00-14:30

The twin cities Porsgrunn & Skien won the national prize for most attractive city in Norway for turning around the loss of industrial jobs to new opportunities and diversification. The project ‘Artist city Skien’ is laying the groundwork for a new generation of professional artists. Along the coast of Telemark, artists are curating culture and shedding light on the needs of citizens.  Association Digital League has developed various projects for the artists, offering digital at the service of culture and creativity. Association Bystriny is at the forefront of searching solutions for handling the current refugee influx in Slovakia. It is one of the initiators of the initiative “Who will help Ukraine?”.

We will welcome these guests:

  • Tom-Erik Lønnerød, Skien municipality
  • Matúš Smoleň, Co-Founder Digital-League o.z.
  • Grete Rokstad, interdisciplinary artist
  • Lucia Pašková, Co-Founder Bystriny o.z.

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language.

Dance as Driver of Inclusion  | 25th may 2022, 17:30-19:25

Director and choreographer Tine Fossmo, founder of NORA – the national and regional dance arena in Vestfold and Telemark, researches social inclusion through contemporary dance with Norwegian, American, and Danish dancers. In the online discussion, she presents her work on the “Allegiance” project and the collaboration with the Backyard Youth Center in Telemark, which resulted in the performance “exclusion: RACISM” and the future performance “exclusion: MENTAL HEALTH”. She will talk about indoor and outdoor spaces and show interviews with the youth who were part of the performance. The event also includes a live stream of the performance “Mirage”, which is a collaboration of PST – Space for Contemporary Dance from Košice and the Finnish dance company Kaaos company. Choreographer Katarína Rampáčková, in collaboration with Finnish dancers Georgie Goater, Siiri Tiilka with Down Syndrome, and Noora Västinen with a physical disability, created a performance that presents three bodies in a unique way.

We will welcome these guests:

  • Tine Fossmo, Norwegian director, choreographer and founder of the National and Regional Arena for dance – NORA
  • Katarína Rampáčková, choreographer, performer and dance activist

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language. 


Matching Culture with Funding for future Slovak-Norwegian projects | 22th june 2022, 11:00-12:30

The sixth online webinar will present financial opportunities that support the Slovak – Norwegian cultural cooperation. Information about new funding and EEA grants can help cultural businesses and artists in both countries to establish projects together. Haidi Al-Juboori from Vestfold Telemark County Council will talk about international funding opportunities and initiatives for stakeholders and municipalities.  CIKE and Urban Space Lab will recap “SLOVAK-NORWEGIAN CULTURAL MATCHING” and the five webinars, a baseline for further cooperation. Norwegian Associate Professor of Art and Drama Joanne Magierecka will introduce art & public space in Notodden. Anna Trávničková  from KAIR (Košice) will present residency programs in Košice which can open possibilities for travel and exchange. Comic artist, musician, and writer Tor Erling Naas will introduce the technique of visual recording of notes – Graphic recording by live recording of this event.

We will welcome these guests:

  • Haidi H. Al-Juboori (NO), international Consultant for Vestfold and Telemark County Council 
  • Joanna Magierecka (NO), associate professor in drama and theatre at University of South-Eastern Norway 
  • Tor Erling Naas (NO), Cartoonist, writer, musician, and graphic recorder 
  • Anna Mária Trávničková (SK), Šopa Gallery and KAIR Košice Artist in Residence

You can watch the recording in English here. Click here to watch it with the simultaneous translation to the Slovak language.


Supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants.

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