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Productivity Booster is a form of residency known as coworking holidays or workation. A month or longer stay in a coworking environment in a new city and with new colleagues, culture and impulses. During his stay, the resident plans to organise both business and recreational activities together with his host. He/she can work for his business back home, but there is also the opportunity to work on new projects which catch his/her interest during the stay.

Work as a nomad

The employer will cover the financial expenses. CIKE will take care of:

  • office space in a cool co-working centre with the necessary equipment,
  • professional services,
  • accommodation in fully furnished apartments near the city centre,
  • transport to and from the selected destination,
  • meals 3x day with a vegetarian option.

Your organisation will gain:

  • a competitive advantage when hiring new talented people,
  • loyalty and positive motivation of employees,
  • creative impulses for the organisation and new energy for the team,
  • improved performance and prevent burn-out of key employees,
  • prevent key employees from leaving your business.

Your employees will:

  • get motivation and drive to work with a positive impact on the team,
  • increase creativity thanks to working in a new environment,
  • improve their soft and linguistic skills,
  • create new work habits for better concentration and performance,
  • extend their professional network,
  • work with creative people from different cultural and professional spheres,
  • improve their confidence whilst working among professionals.



A modern, clean and ecological city with the title of European Green Capital which uses the latest technology in its streets. It has an interesting, attractive and cool graffiti scene. The river Ljubljanica, which flows through the city centre, creates a pleasant atmosphere and a fresh climate. The city is full of various shops and businesses. The high standard of living is reflected in the pleasant population.

What’s available? A creative centre that focuses on crowdfunding; 7 offices, 1 conference room, Poligon Maker Lab, photo service, Crowdfunding Lab, bar, shop, library, event space. The price includes services for organising and recommending useful meetings with professionals, events and locations of your choice.


A cosy little seaside town full of narrow streets just a few kilometres from the popular Rimini resort. It is located in the Marche region which is famous for its agriculture, traditional crafts and excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

What’s available? A creative centre that has a very strong network of freelancers that cooperate together thanks to its geographic distance from major cities. Strong support of mutual cooperation, sharing of experiences and many practical examples; 22 open working spaces, 3 offices, 1 conference room, cafe, relax area. The price includes 4 hours of individual training in pre-selected topics (business model canvas, business plan, content marketing, social media marketing, brand identity, blogging, storytelling, e-commerce, fundraising …).


Known for its port wine, the worldwide imports were originally sent only from this city. The pleasant intimate atmosphere of the city is completed by small wineries, interesting street art scenes and typical architecture. Wonderful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean which offer opportunities for both surfing and relax.

What’s available? A creative centre, located in the heart of the bombarde art district. A community environment founded on the exchange of experience and openness. Open space offices, studios for 2 people, 1 conference room, photo studio with a dark room, screen printing, workshop spaces, kitchen with a dining room, space for active relax – table tennis, outdoor court. The price includes services associated with organising and recommending useful meetings with professionals, events and locations of your choice.

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