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Welcome to the era of social media!

The Internet is changing the social behaviour of customers. Therefore, it is not just a virtual world outside of reality, but it also influences our “offline” behaviour. The most fundamental change and trends are that customers are becoming active. A new era requires new tools to fully exploit the potential of the Internet. It determines our social environment and our world is becoming more personal. There is also a greater opportunity for a bottom-up approach, which makes our society more democratic and gives priority to policies for larger groups of people.

All of this can mean more opportunities for creative people who want to improve society, conclude new partnerships, do new business, or create new markets. For Košice, the European Capital of Culture 2013 project and the creative industry are one of the most important topics.

Our goals

  • Map the environment and bring together local representatives from the creative and innovative sphere, connect people from the university environment, key businesses, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Coordinate processes related to the creation of conditions for its establishment, the creation of a common platform, the organisation of events to promote awareness and education in the field;
  • Develop a common strategy for the city and the region to further develop and interconnect related industries;
  • Promote international cooperation and transfer of experience.

Conference themes

The main topics were:

  • creative industry;
  • creative cluster;
  • ECBN and Central Europe;
  • online and social media;
  • branding and marketing.

The conference was planned for the public from the creative industry sphere. These are creative industry agencies and institutions at various national, regional and local levels. The city of Košice has started a debate on a general strategy for the creative industry with local, regional and state actors. We wanted to get inspired by case studies from the most successful countries and start a discussion about a creative cluster.

Our conference has presented the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) in Central Europe and has become a starting point for further creative business collaboration in this area. We see the potential for establishing a truly European market in the creative industry through networking opportunities and local business residents. Our business panel, workshop and business mission is dedicated mainly to marketing, branding, internet and social media. We offer practical lessons for your business where you can learn new processes, meet new partners, and establish collaboration.

We have

  • started an open discussion about the creative cluster;
  • opened platforms for ECBN in Central Europe;
  • offered practical lessons in marketing, branding, internet, social media, project management and the development of the auditing spectrum;
  • brought together different businesses and institutions.

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