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Košice – UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts


Košice is the first Slovak city that has received the title UNESCO Creative City. We have joined this prestigious club together with cities from all over the world such as Linz, Austin, Tel Aviv, Lyon, Sapporo, Toronto, Changsha, Guadalajara, and Braga. Thanks to this, it is in a unique position to become known globally, develop international cooperation, and create opportunities for creative people not only from Košice but from all over Slovakia.

Media art

The creative industry and the IT sector in Košice have experienced dynamic growth in recent years. CIKE tries to capture this trend while continuing to support creativity and technology which brings added value to the city by linking and creating synergies between them.

With this in mind, in 2017 we successfully applied for Košice's membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of media art - a genre in which art and digital technologies naturally connect.

Therefore, the reason behind applying for membership in the UNESCO network was to make our city great. We want to be an internationally recognized city that inspires new generations to develop skills in media art. We want to create long-lasting networks, quality collaborations, and promote economic growth through the innovative language of media art.

Festival Art & Tech Days

The key project of Košice - Creative City of Media Arts is the Art & Tech Days festival which takes place in November each year.

Success stories

Košice has become member of Creative Cities Network
Košice is the first Slovak city to hold the title of UNESCO Creative City (part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network) in the sphere of media art. They joined the club together with other 64 cities from around the world. Thanks to this, we now have a great opportunity to become more visible on a global level, develop international cooperation, and create opportunities for creative people not only from Košice but also from all over Slovakia.The application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network was prepared by CIKE which ultimately convinced the UNESCO Committee that Košice deserved the title of a Creative City. We also mentioned several key activities such as the creation of an urban game, the appreciation of young artists from partner cities, and the new open media art gallery in Košice. As a result of this title, CIKE has been organizing the Art & Tech Days festival every autumn for the past few years.
International representatives of digital culture in Košice
Prezi, Ubisoft, Porto Design Factory, Ars Electronica and many others in Košice as part of the Art & Tech Conference 2017 to experience the mix of art, technology and digital culture. As the main organiser, together with Košice IT Valley, we carefully select and introduce people who are continuously developing the creative industry.Joshua Newnham (UK), the director of design technology at Method, UX expert Zsuzsi Kovács (HU), Claudia Schnugg (AT), the creative process facilitator in the Sparks Residential Programme at Ars Electronica, gaming consultant Stephan Assadourian (CA) or Canal180 executive producer Luis Fernandes (PT) shared their valuable know-how in the sphere of machine learning. More about the current year on
From an idea to a six-day festival
In the beginning, there was the question of what if, a few months from now, there was a week-long celebration of media arts, technology and digital culture. The Art & Tech Days has since expanded to seven different locations, thanks to the collaboration with DAAVS. Together, we introduced a progressive generation of multimedia artists who portrayed contemporary media art in the V4 context.In Košice, we played the tunes of Nenada Branković and Boris Sirka while Gábor Kristóf, Boris Vitázek, Michal Mitro and Ľuboš Zbranek exhibited their work. We also had the opportunity to watch VJ Symposium with VJ London and HRTL line-up and seven live choreographic installations from the Ziggurat Project along with Nano VJs visualisations. Panáčik (SK) and the newcomer Fjordmos (CZ) went on stage in Tabačka.

You can also find an overview of events in Košice in the field of media arts on the City of Media Arts website.

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