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Košice is the first Slovak city to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, a prestigious club of progressive cities such as Linz, Austin, Tel Aviv, Lyon, Sapporo, Toronto, Changsha, Guadalajara, and Braga. Thanks to this, we have a unique opportunity to become known globally, develop international cooperation, and create opportunities for creative people from Košice and the rest of Slovakia.

Media arts cluster

The creative and cultural industries and the IT sector have experienced dynamic growth in recent years in Košice. Creative Industry Košice decided to support these sectors, make the city more visible globally, and create synergies between different sectors. In 2017, this was our main motivation behind applying for membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network media arts cluster, a genre in which art and digital technologies coexist.

We want to push our city forward and turn it into an internationally recognized city that inspires new generations to work in media arts. We want to create long-lasting relationships with international partners, quality collaborations, and promote economic growth through media arts’ innovative language.

Main activities

As part of the project, we organize:

  • Art & Tech Days – Festival of media art, technology, and digital culture.
  • Media art residences in Košice – Artistic stays for media artists from UNESCO Creative Cities, the results of which are presented at the Art & Tech Days festival.
  • City to City – An innovative project for collaboration between artists and artists teams from UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts.

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