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Innovations for organisations and firms


Problems of big firms often have an unconventional solution.

Art and creativity, an unconventional perspective on a problem, or an extremely interesting topic – this can attract creativity to situations that create benefits both for artists and firms. CIKE has identified an intersection between art and business. Having an artist in your firm can trigger and speed up changes in a short period of time. With a fresh perspective on the firm, its processes and communication, he/she comes up with new and innovative solutions in cooperation with employees.

Creativity for Business is a residential programme for firms and institutions in Košice whose processes and their leaders are open to innovation. Artists, scientists, students, sociologists, or experts in artificial intelligence can help firms improve. Together, they can create new, unusual products while upgrading their and city’s standard.

Innovative solutions

When an artist helps with solving a business problem, he does not know at first how the end product will look. It can serve as a therapeutic tool for improving motor skills, an impulse to improve working conditions, the visual identity of a new brand, solution to improve drivers' attention, improve city street orientation or secure more efficient planning. It could be anything.

In recent years, we have managed to create a high-quality database of artists and creatives who can significantly contribute to the quick and efficient development of products and services in your business. The mutual enrichment of both sides leads not only to creative solutions in business but also professionalises the work of artists.

Who can you try this with?

An experienced professional or a student under the guidance of a mentor will help you with solving your problem. A student, who works on innovation together with the mentor, often meets with him/her outside your firm, usually in Creative Industry Košice. The artist, on the contrary, works directly with the team in your firm, with the leader or individually. In the process, the artist may need other qualified people outside his profession to help him/her with the innovation. In such a case, we can guarantee that we will find the right people for successful completion.

Why is it worth it?

Your firm will:

  • get new audience in the creative and cultural sector and become more attractive to the younger generation;
  • get quality product which is unique on the market;
  • get interesting content for PR and wide media coverage;
  • improve the reputation of your organisation/goodwill;
  • get a professional product and cost-effective innovation.

At the same time, you will become part of the group that wants to change our city for better.

And what does the artist/student gain + the mentor?

Student/artist will:

  • get valuable experience;
  • enrich his/her portfolio in a unique way;
  • get new contacts;
  • get a special price (for example Adam Rybák went to the international conference WebSummit).

Success stories

Košice IT Valley rebranded by 18-year old Adam Rybák
To find new talents, to provide them with new perspectives and to encourage them to come up with new solutions has proven to be very successful for CIKE. In 2017, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Košice IT Valley, we created an assignment to rebrand a brand for promising graphic designers. Together we chose student Adam Rybák to create a new visual identity. As a mentor, we have chosen experienced graphic designer Martin Jerkovič, who has worked on major international campaigns for companies such as Nike, VISA and UBER. The result of this cooperation was a new take on the Košice IT Valley brand which also brought it closer to the younger generation through a new design. In addition to the valuable experience and expanding his portfolio, the student also went on a trip to the world-renowned WebSummit conference in Lisbon thanks to Košice IT Valley.
The modern bistro Pán Ryba has been refurbished by artists
Ryba Košice received twice the portion of creativity in half a year. Two residents, Mária Bujňáková and Viktor Fehér, have realised their projects there. Viktor Fehér, the second artist, is known for his SAC and Pyecka Gallery projects. In addition, he is an experienced chef and this challenge brought him the opportunity to link his experience in art and gastronomy. His vision was to create a bistro with an open kitchen where you can eat fast and well. Viktor has developed the concept of a modern bistro with a fresh fish and seafood store, which will also have an educational character with a focus on healthy food and seafood. To this end, Viktor has undergone a tour of similar establishments in Budapest. After his residence, Ryba bistro started remodelling according to the proposed design and today it is a modern bistro on Mlynská Street, in which traditional products such as Treska are served in an unconventional form.
How to find clients right after school
She was not afraid of a big company with a long tradition and its focus, which at first glance would not be very appealing to a fresh design school graduate. Mária Bujňáková applied for the Creativity for Business challenge and as a successful candidate, she took part in an art residency at restaurant Ryba Košice. Her residency focused on the concept of visual communication and she created gift items for the 70th anniversary of the Ryba Košice company. The result of her work was, for example, a business card stand from a wooden base and a sliding aluminium part in the shape of a fishtail or a piece of jewellery - an aluminium fishtail on a silver-coloured cord. Watch the video from her residency.

Do you want to innovate? We open challenges for businesses and artists regularly. Contact us with your idea or problem. We'll figure out something together.

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