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Improving Citizen Experience and Well-Being // KSCreativity4WB


Košice received more than 4.5 million grant to support innovative projects in the fields of culture and cultural heritage, improving air quality, addressing demographic change and ways to improve the quality of the environment and life. We became the first Slovak city to succeed out of the 222 cities that applied for the open call for the European Commission and Hauts-de-France’s Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) program.

The main idea of ​​the KSCreativity4WB project is to improve the quality and conditions of life through culture and creativity in the digital era.


The innovative idea of ​​the institute which collects and processes relevant data obtained from the public also contributed to the success of our application. The Citizen Experience and Well-being Institute (CXI) will make the processed data available to public institutions and the general public The aim is to increase the quality of local government decision-making, improve the living standards of the population and restore their confidence in public institutions.


Part of the project is also mobile urban laboratory Mobile Urban Laboratory, which will present the visualization of various data through multimedia installations. Through it, citizens can also get involved in defining the urban problems that bother them.

Hub for companies

The project also includes the creation of the Urban Innovation Sphere hub, where start-ups, traditional industries and entrepreneurs can take part in solving common challenges.

“Our organization is the content leader of the project activities. We will create CXI,  a mobile urban laboratory, with which we can obtain data directly in public space, work with citizens and work with their suggestions. CIKE will participate in the creation of media art works in public space. We will also be part of the Urban Innovation Sphere hub, where we will use our experience in the field of education, professionalization and interconnection of sectors for innovation. We consider the most important feature of the project to be its focus on well-being and quality of life, precisely by combining digital technologies, art and creativity. We are thus directly fulfilling our mission in the UNESCO Creative Cities network, where the city has been a part of a media art cluster since 2017. ” - Michal Hladký, director of Creative Industry Košice


Ich zástupcovia vidia v tomto projekte veľké možnosti pre rozvoj mesta v nasledujúcich rokoch. Z 80 percent bude projekt financovať Európsky fond regionálneho rozvoja, zvyšných 20 percent bude predstavovať spolufinancovanie mesta a deviatich partnerov projektu. Mesto a jeho partneri budú môcť čerpať financie až po odsúhlasení Európskej komisie, ktorej audítori sa na jeseň tohto roku chystajú do Košíc.

The city of Košice participates in the project together with eight partners. Their representatives see a great potential for the development of our city in the coming years through this project. 80 percent of the project will be financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the remaining 20 percent will be co-financed by the city and project partners. The city and its partners will be able to use these funds only after the approval of the European Commission, whose auditors are coming to Košice in the autumn of this year.

International network

In addition to Košice, 10 other cities succeeded:

  • Brussels, Ghent and Leiedal, Belgium
  • Ferrara and Verona, Italy
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Halandri, Greece
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Almería, Spain