Home Residencies



The Home Residencies project was created as a response to the unprecedented situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, at the same time, it fits into the long-term vision of the Creative Industry Košice to sustainably support the cultural and creative industries. Our goal is not only to support but also make the sector and the city of Košice more visible on the cultural map of Europe and the world.

The city of Košice supports artists and professionals from the cultural and creative industries through these residency scholarships, whereby CIKE acts as a facilitator. The scholarship is intended for projects related to artistic, development, and research activities.

Duration and results

Residencies normally last two months. The result can be an art piece and business plans, communication strategies, new products or services, curatorial projects, or cultural research.


The first round of the project was focused on artists, and it was meant to support their work at home or behind closed doors of their ateliers. The second and third round supported a wider range of professionals working in the cultural and creative industries.


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