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Educational workshops and seminars


Ever since the project of Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013, we have been organizing educational workshops and seminars for professionals from various fields. Our goal is to provide them with the opportunity to gain new information and skills, differentiate themselves on the market and gain a competitive advantage.


Educational workshops and seminars are created and led by local and international experts with demonstrable results from practice.


Within the educational programs, the lecturers focus on theory and practical skills in areas such as social media and marketing, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, gamification, basics of finance, entrepreneurship, startups, joint activities, competitiveness and much more.

Past years

Get your bearings in the world of business

Lecturers: Marek Lavčák, Anna Bánociová, Viliam Vajda, Radovan Sidor, Slávka Klasová, Peter Čižmár

A five-day course focused on orienting oneself in the most important issues in the field of finance, intellectual property and marketing.

oprendek workshop
Sell ​​your product online

Lecturer: Gabriel Oprendek

Workshop aimed at getting acquainted with the basic procedures and testing various methods in practice.

rudolf takáč
Project management basics

Lecturer: Rudolf Takáč

Workshops focused on the role of the manager in creating a good team and the most common mistakes in project management.

design sprint
Design Sprint by CIKE

Lecturers: Braňo Frk, Matúš Draganovský

The workshop used the methodology of the successful world format Design Sprint, which helps companies such as Twitter, Medium, iPhone, Google or Slack to come up with innovative solutions.

atd workshop
Workshops at Art & Tech Days 

Workshops organized as part of the festival of media art, technologies and digital culture.

  • Media Communication for Music Festivals – Luis Fernandes (PT)
  • Machine Learning for Artists – Gene Kogan (USA)
  • Stop-motion Workshop for Children – Matej Mazák
  • Contemporary Dance Movement Workshop Stanislav Dobák
  • Data Visualization – Mladý pes

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