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Cyanotypes project brings together various stakeholders from the CCSI to develop a strategic approach to new skills development solutions that can be adopted across the creative sector.

We explore which innovative, multidisciplinary frameworks, strategic interventions, and skills development solutions should be adopted across the European CCI ecosystem.

Thethe modules and delivery mechanisms and the Train the Trainer package will be revised and presented at the CYANOTYPES Fairthe modules and delivery mechanisms and the Train the Trainer package will be revised and presented at the CYANOTYPES Fairmodules and content delivery mechanisms and the Train the Trainer package will be revised and presented at the CYANOTYPES fair project aims to build anticipation towards a methodological framework that will empower creators to imagine multiple futures. By doing so, it is possible to make the skilling processes today more sustainable, resilient, and dynamic.

Cyanotypes is part of the Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Programme.

You can find more info at the project website:

Alliences for Innovation

Aim of the Alliances for Innovation:

  • to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity by boosting innovation through cooperation and flow of knowledge among education sector
  • to boost the provision of new skills and address skills mismatches by designing and creating new curricula
  • supporting the development of a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mind-sets in the EU

There are two main components for sectoral cooperation on skills:

  1. The Pact for Skills and the main objective is to mobilise all relevant stakeholders to take concrete actions for the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce, addressing the needs of the labour market.
  2. The Alliance for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills, and this is referred to as the Blueprint. The aim of the Blueprint is to build the base for the Pact for Skills and define the pathway that should be continued after the project is finalised.

Cynotypes approach

As European economies more generally and CCI in particular are affected by ever-shorter cycles of social and technological innovation, being able to “stay ahead of the curve” is becoming a general requirement for the development and implementation of sustainable business models.

The ability to anticipate the development of markets and needs calls for cross-sectoral “futures literacies” that allow CCI actors to engage current and future users, build scenarios, foresee (regulatory and technological) costs and constraints, and imagine possibilities and potentials.

Cyanotypes takes a holistic approach integrating specific sectoral and transversal skillsets with anticipatory approaches to enable and ensure a futures-proof educational transformation of the European CCI ecosystem.

Cyanotypes strategically adopts a triple loop learning framework that combines the effective adoption of:

  • existing (and validated) skillsets
  • the co-creative development of new skillsets
  • a flexible framework facilitating adjustments to respond to changes with future skillsets

Cyanotypes builds scenario-based learning into its approach to training. It builds on the EU Skills Panorama activities in order to anticipate future skills requirements for:

  • Green Shift
  • AI/Big Data
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Cooperations
  • Scenario-Based Learning
  • Well-being

Cyanotypes will provide inputs for workplace training and microlearning for existing and new occupational profiles.



  • the Skills Intelligence Gathering
  • Strategy for the CCI
  • addressing the urgent skills identified by the call relating to post-COVID, Green Transition and the Digital Shift
  • creating of content for the CYANOTYPES Training Programme with the Train the Trainer approach
  • development of pilot projects for sectoral skills and creation of a prototype of an ideal skills acquisition program for the gaming industry, the fashion sector and the design sector, later for other sectors
  • a pilot training program test and a community hackathon
  • Validation Event
  • prototyping pilot projects, cross-sectoral and sectoral pilots to support education and skills acquisition, and feedback obtaining.
  • modules and content delivery mechanisms and the Train the Trainer package will be revised and presented at the CYANOTYPES fair
  • open call for proposals for another 10 pilots to support education and skills acquisition


  • HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht, NL
  • European Creative Business Network (ECBN), NL
  • European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), GR
  • European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), NL
  • European Forum of Technical & Vocational Education & Training (EfVET), BE
  • Matera Hub, IT
  • WKO – WIFI, AT
  • YNFT Swedish Broadcasting, SE
  • SGI Swedish Games Industry, SE
  • FIANCE Fashion Innovation, FI
  • WRS Region Stuttgart, DE
  • UAAV University of Applied Arts, AT
  • NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
  • Lusofona, PT
  • HBKS Academy of Fine Arts Saarbrucken, DE

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