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Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities


Creativity, art, and culture are key in transforming public spaces and cities. Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities project brings cultural and creative spaces and local policy-makers closer through participatory processes.  Together, we will tackle some of the challenges of sustainable creativity, participatory democracy, and social cohesion. We develop, test, and validate methods for civil society to engage local governments in the co-creative design of policies, as well as for governments to be open to bottom-up participation. The aim is for citizens and public authorities to co-design new policies to improve their cities.

In this project, we work with 9 other organizations under the leadership of Trans Europe Halles, a European network of non-governmental cultural centers.

Three main goals

  • Explore: bring together cultural and creative spaces and local governments to explore urban challenges from the perspective of the commons, co-creation practices, and policy development.
  • Learn: facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges and training of commoning practices for creative operators and policymakers.
  • Disseminate: research and document the processes to make the results available publicly.

Urban Labs

Seven Urban Labs are the core element of this project. They gather together cultural organizations, local authorities, cultural and creative spaces to explore urban challenges in collaboration with other stakeholders. Together, they commit to developing innovative solutions for bottom-up initiatives to become actors of policy-making in the sectors of art, culture, and creativity.


The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Success stories

The future of the city in the hands of local citizens thanks to Urban Exploration
Urban Exploration was a series of events within the Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities project, which brought together up to a hundred people willing to get involved and change the way things work from the bottom up. The goal was to bring important decisions closer to ordinary people and to connect citizens with the political representatives. The event started with a lecture by the renowned data analyst Karol Piekarski from Medialab Katowice, who shared his many years of experience in designing engaging online visualizations. We continued with four parallel workshops that clarified the ways in which the city can be changed for the better. We ended with a presentation of the work of our artistic resident Juraj Horňák in front of the Magistrate of Košice, which was connected with a workshop on activating public space with the help of a shopping cart.
Data and Design for Better Places
Data and Design for Better Places was a series of workshops throughout which the participants learned how to react to current urban challenges. Over the course of one week, they were led by experienced international experts. We had the pleasure to host the Design Lead at Data Place, Simon Gough and Lucy Knight who works with data.
People of a Creative City
This extraordinary meeting called People of a Creative City in Kunsthalle brought together about 100 representatives of the Košice cultural universe. Throughout the day, we discussed the most important topics in culture and looked for links where we had not seen them before.

If you are interested in this research project, read more about it on its official website.

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