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Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities


In order to counter the challenges of reducing social resources, ageing population, social polarisation and urbanisation of European cities and regions, it is necessary to develop cooperation and joint creation between individual sectors.

We need to

  • identify and break down barriers between individual sectors;
  • move towards joint participatory creation to become truly innovative;
  • explore a topic or challenge in favour of a common good.

We build on

  • cultural and creative spaces;
  • creative and common economy;
  • job creation;
  • social inclusion and urban development;
  • cooperation and co-creation of new ways for the creative sector and local decision-making bodies.


Trans Europe Halles and its consortium partners will bring together their experience and pan-European networks to work with a core selection of 7 "Urban Labs" that will consist of 1 region and 6 cities with their independent cultural and creative organisations, followed by partners from "Handshake" cities (another 28 cities and 2 regions).

Every Urban Lab is ready:

  • innovate,
    bringe and

new approaches to the concrete city challenge that cannot be satisfactorily solved by only one party. The innovativeness of this approach offers new approaches to how public administrations can join forces with civil society to prepare for a sustainable future.



Project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

If you are interested in this research, read more about it on its official website.

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