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Creative Lenses


Creative Lenses strengthens entrepreneurial capacities and cultural entities in Europe. Emphasis is placed on the professionalisation of cultural industries, the provision of skills, competencies and know-how to cultural actors. These tools are supposed to improve their operational processes, create quality art programmes and deepen the relationship with their audience. We will achieve this through a process that involves research, training, active education and international forums, or by developing online tools which will strengthen European cultural and creative organisations.

How do we want to achieve this

The project is the result of the experience of the Creative Lenses partners in the European cultural sector. The most motivating reason for cooperation is the fact that the capacity of the cultural sector, its management skills and business models often do not reach the level of its creative potential. The cultural sector needs to respond quickly to today's challenges because the passion, innovation and artist involvement in this sector are indisputable.

CIKE's role

CIKE assisted with creating online platforms "Artsmetric" and "Culture Knowledge Base". Artsmetric is a benchmarking tool that enables cultural organisations to compare and evaluate business models, their performances and set ups. Culture Knowledge Base is a knowledge-based database with study material for e-learning in the sphere of management and culture.


CIKE has prepared a series of podcasts about 8 cultural organisations involved in the project. In them, we introduced their business models and what decisions led to their success. The aim is to share know-how and valuable experience to support the development of the cultural and creative sector across Europe.

Listen to the stories of the following organisations:

Project participants

The main participants in the Creative Lenses project are independent European cultural centres and performing arts organisations.



Creative Lenses (2015 - 2019) is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and supported by public funding from the Slovak Arts Council.

Check the Creative Lenses website for any important news.

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