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Community Bootcamp


Community Bootcamp was a mentoring program for future leaders of communities and bottom-up initiatives, organized by CIKE and experienced international experts.

The program consisted of 5 day-long workshops full of custom-made education and vocational training. Its participants got the chance to network and receive advice from international experts with experience in areas such as leading co-working centers, communities, and crowdfunding finance.


Community Bootcamp was created for leaders and members of communities. Design, IT, co-working, gaming, media art, dance, education, business, music, illustration, marketing, startups – we received applications from many different areas. Get to know the participants we picked and their communities in this article.

What did the participants learn?

Mentors provided valuable information, concrete examples from practice, and useful tools for working with communities, clubs, and groups. More precisely, how to build, co-create, or manage them, how to maintain them, how to communicate appropriately internally and externally, and how to get the finances for your dream activities.

A very important part of the program was mentoring and the participants were given time to go over their personal goals and plans. Even after the Bootcamp was finished, mentors continued to help them with evaluating their growth, activities, and decisions.


tania santosTânia Santos (Portugal) is an expert in creative hubs and community building.

Tânia is the founder and manager of CRU Cowork - a creative hub that combines coworking space, art gallery, and a designers' store in Porto. She is also the coordinator of the most important street market in Porto, where she weekly presents a hand-picked selection of different works. Having studied psychology, economics, and innovation management, Tânia’s main interests and work focus is on Entrepreneurship and Creative Business Development, Human-Centered Design, Collaborative Work, and Creative Economy. Since 2018, Tânia is an interim steering committee member of the European Creative Hubs Network and also became a consultant in the European Development Institute.


Luka Piškorič (Slovenia) is a cultural and creative industry specialist.

Luka has been working as a producer and consultant in cultural and creative industries for over 20 years. He co-founded Slovenia Coworking and Slovenia Crowdfunding initiatives to build creative communities and help creators fund their projects. His activities have naturally led to the foundation of Poligon Creative Center - an autonomous collaborative space and a platform for independent professionals, creative communities, and start-ups in the creative economy, social entrepreneurship, and culture. He is also one of the founding members of the Cultural Policy Designers Network. He facilitates workshops addressing topics such as co-working, crowdfunding community building, and audience development.


The program was supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

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