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In 2020, the city of Košice and Creative Industry Košice, together with other UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts, created a unique opportunity for cooperation between artists and artists teams from around the world. In this way, we want to mark our commitment to the importance of cooperation and support art and creativity as major forces for sustainable development in these times of uncertainty.


The project’s goal is to encourage artists to work collaboratively online and contribute to the emergence of new digital art. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the role of creativity and culture in building sustainable urban communities. Our goal is to promote the excellence of practice in media arts, share our knowledge and skills, encourage the public and other professionals to engage in creative practices, foster sector development, and raise the profile of the work of the UNESCO Creative Cities.


Selected participants work for a few months in pairs or in a team – City to City – on a digital artwork that responds to the current topic. While in the first year, the final works were united by the theme of Human Responsibility, in 2021, the artists focused on the theme of PLAY!


The final works are shared on digital platforms and presented during festivals in the UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts, including at the Art & Tech Days festival in Košice.

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