City to City 2020: Human Responsibility


Nine UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts have created an opportunity for online artistic collaboration. The pilot project brought together ten artists who worked in pairs = City to City. During their monthly creative collaboration, five artworks were made and will be exhibited during the Art & Tech Days festival in Košice, the York Mediale in England, and the remaining participating cities.

Critical questions ‒ Human Responsibility

The resulting works addressed some of these critical questions:

  • Does technology have the ability to solve all the problems in the future?
  • Do we need more arts and empathy to be able to use technology in better and more responsible ways?
  • Are we allowed to make decisions on behalf of the planet?

Project results

The project resulted in the creation of five artworks by artists from nine UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts. The city of Košice was represented by a local media artist Beáta Kolbašovská, who worked in pair with a Japanese sound artist and composer Junichi Ogur from Sapporo.

Participating artists and their works:

Beáta Kolbašovská — Košice (Slovensko) and Junichi Oguro — Sapporo (Japonsko)

João Carlos Pinto — Braga (Portugalsko) and Sarah Degenhardt — Karlsruhe (Nemecko)

Gerardo Nolasco — Karlsruhe (Nemecko) and Paris Díaz — Guadalajara (Mexico)

Daniel Escobar — Calí (Kolumbia) and Mike Stubbs — York (Veľká Británia)

Biin Shen — Changsha (Čína) and Liz Rodda — Austin (USA)


The City to City: Human Responsibility project is the result of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Media Arts initiative that aims to promote art and culture as a driving force for sustainable development. All artworks are available in the virtual gallery.

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