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The main priority of the project Carpathian Region as a Tourist Destination, or CARAT, is to support the social and economic development of the region through coordinated development of tourism in individual areas as well as the destination as a whole. The project is part of a cross-border cooperation programme between 4 countries – Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.


The main objective of the project is to positively influence the tourism market in order to increase the number of tourists in the cross-border region by creating an informal platform - an international tourism cluster as well as platforms at local levels in individual regions. The project implementation will also serve to support the long-term development of tourism products in the region.

Specific goals

  • Develop a platform for cooperation between key local tourism representatives in each area by connecting the public and private sector (sharing experience and know-how even in areas where they already cooperate);
  • Develop a destination tourism strategy (destination management plan), including action plans which will be implemented within the area;
  • Create a marketing and promotional study and implement it at individual levels by training the key players;
  • Initiate the establishment of an informal cross-border tourist cluster by the destinations identified in the strategy, with platforms being created at a local level.

Target groups

  • Public space of the city and region;
  • Civil associations;
  • Important key players in tourism from the private sector;
  • Educational institutions specialised in tourism;
  • Bodies responsible for developing local and regional policies;
  • Tour operators.

For more information visit the official web of the project.

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