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Bordeline Offensive


How to communicate complex topics such as (im)migration or European cohesion in an international context? Is it possible to combine committed art, intercultural dialogue and aesthetics of humour?

The goal of the Borderline Offensive programme is to start talking about these intricate topics in an international context and openly communicate one of the most important current challenges while using humour. As they say on their website: “A true interaction and equality between people is not possible without sharing life’s absurdities and obscenities.” Through culture and art, the programme is meant to promote the development of social well-being and peaceful inter-community relations within and outside Europe, during five international residencies. These are held in five cities of various EU countries, including Košice.

Borderline Offensive is an international partnership which engages art, humour and intercultural dialogue. It is through this means that we develop a dialogue between the local population and the public and communicate difficult situations for a more peaceful, everyday life in Europe and outside of it.

Who participates in the programme?

The new non-European migrants, as well as the local Europeans, will participate in this dialogue over four years. International residencies of professional artists, as well as sociologists and researchers from the EU and the Middle East, also play a key role.

What is the plan?

During the two-week residence in Kosice, two artists from the EU, one artist from the Middle East and one local artist will host workshops. Another part will be expert-driven research. Once this residence is over, the artists will create designs that will, if selected, receive support for their production and they will be presented internationally.

Who are the participants?

Migrant communities from outside Europe, civil society, individuals and organisations with various backgrounds interested in topics of integration, participation and art as a means of social development.


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Borderline Offensive is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Follow CIKE's social platforms and Borderline Offensive official website for more information about the programme.

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