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Art & Tech Conference is a conference of media art, technology, and digital culture in Košice. As a highlight and part of the Art & Tech Days festival, the conference takes place each year in November in Kulturpark. It introduces revolutionary ideas, social discourses, and contemporary work in media art, business, technology, and science.

This is a conference for all those who are curious and those, who look to the future more than the past. Innovators, coders, artists, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, scientists, and all those who want to be at the forefront of development. Art & Tech Conference reveals how digitization and technology are influencing artistic creation and vice versa, how artists can inspire technological development and innovation.

Why should you come?

You will:

  • broaden your horizons beyond your main focus field
  • find out how to use a combination of different disciplines to improve your business and innovate
  • get to know artists, philosophers, designers, IT masters, scientists from all over the world
  • build new contacts for your work
  • discover new technologies as tools for creation
  • think about ethical dilemmas
  • visit Košice – UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts and the former European Capital of Culture


  • Creativity – Technology – Art // 2016

The preliminary year of the conference explored the general intersection between creativity, technology, and art.

  • Design on non-traditional solutions // 2017

Art & Tech Conference 2017 hosted many successful international speakers who presented inspiring examples of the best practices in UX/UI, design, digital media, art, innovation as well as practical links between creativity and IT. Learn more about them in this overview or head to the website.

  • Revolution of today // 2018

In 2018, we shed light on one of the most revolutionary technologies ever available to mankind – artificial intelligence or AI. Meet our speakers and learn more about the theme in this article or visit the website. Intelligent systems can recognize faces and places, understand speech, write newspaper articles, and even make music, poems, and paintings. But can computers really be creative? Will AI replace artists, or will it be a tool that moves human creativity to a new level? How does it affect culture, education, or business? We explored (not only) the following answers to these questions.

  • Language & Communication // 2019

The Art & Tech Conference 2019 brought attention to the topic of language and communication – the basis of human interaction. We explored what happens when we add robots, artificial intelligence, or software to the equation. For more information head to the website. Communication is not just words; we learned there is also an interaction between people and software, emotions and code, the human body and technology, and even virtual reality and the physical world.

  • Human Responsibility // 2020

The Art & Tech Conference opens up important topics in the field of art and technology every year. 2020 edition focused on the topic of Human Responsibility.


  • Change // 2022


  • Augmented Humanity // 2023


Art & Tech Conference hosts prominent personalities from many areas who share their know-how with us every year, provide their unique insight into current topics, and inspire the local environment to take bold steps. Head to the Success stories section below to get to know them.


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