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Art & Tech Days

Art & Tech Days is a festival of media art, technology, and digital culture in Košice, devoted to presenting and celebrating th...

Education and mentoring

In progress


Escalator is an effective and intensive program for the education and professionalization of people working in the creative industr...
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Community Bootcamp

Community Bootcamp was a mentoring program for future leaders of communities and bottom-up initiatives, organized by CIKE and exper...
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Creative Industry Košice workshops give you the opportunity to build on your current curriculum, update and enrich your knowledge i...


In progress


DeuS – European Open Design School for Sustainable Regional Development is a regional Vocational Educational Training (VET) project...
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Creative Lenses

Creative Lenses strengthens entrepreneurial capacities and cultural entities in Europe. Emphasis is placed on the professionalisati...
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The project focused on developing a platform for the cooperation of local key players in tourism, by connecting the public and priv...
In progress


As a professional from a creative environment, you might be working within or for a company or an organisation. You might be helpin...


In progress

Bordeline Offensive

How to communicate complex topics such as (im)migration or European cohesion in an international context? Is it possible to combine...
In progress

Home residencies

CIKE is currently hosting a two-month art residency whereby five creatives and artists from Košice are working directly from their ...

Creativity for Business

In progress


The CINEMA – Creative Industries For New Urban Economies In The Danube Region project aims to foster urban regeneration by collabor...


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We already hosted two conferences about creative industries in Košice. It focused on current themes of placemaking and urban develo...