New local guide City Cracker available in bookstores in 2019


Creative Industry Košice will release a unique guide through Košice, City Cracker. It is the result of the collaboration between Foto Academy by CIKE x Woont and the mapping of the city via the Invisible Hotel Mag. The book is not your typical guide which you can normally buy at in a bookstore. Its content shows parts of Košice and its surroundings which are less visible. An important role is played by the photos and the design from Studio 436.

City Cracker, literally, tries to crack the city but it also carries another hidden meaning: “To crack a joke”. Telling jokes is directly connected to this guide’s tone of voice. The book is magazine-like and is mostly suited for the younger generation and foreign travellers or those, who live abroad and want to show the many different faces of Košice.

The first demo edition of City Cracker was released at the Art & Tech Conference. The second edition will be available in your favourite bookstores in the first half of 2019.