Košice will host Art & Tech Days festival with a cool art programme and conference on Language and communication

Košice will present the complex topic of Language and Communication this November. Beyond Words will be explored by a number of world-renowned speakers and artists during the Art & Tech Days festival from November 19-24. The 6-day festival presents a selection of diverse art events including exhibitions, concerts, audio-visual performances, dance performances and, most importantly, Art & Tech Conference. It’ll offer presentations of 9 speakers followed by 5 workshops on the topic led by experienced professionals.

The aim of the festival is to develop the dive into the notion of communication and possibilities of its understanding: how do people, people with robots or robots and software communicate with each other? How do we define ways of communication? Listen to representatives of famous companies like Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., IDEO, WRO and the Škola improvizace and discuss endless answers. Art & Tech Days is a physical space for meeting, getting inspiration and not only from the fields of art and technology. It is also a chance to establish new collaborations. Anyone who wants to know more about the current trends of successful companies or to see and hear attractive artistic content is invited.

In addition to the central conference, the Art & Tech Days festival offers a rich artistic program selected with regard to viewers of all ages and interests. Don’t miss a dance-media performance CO: LATERAL by the Portuguese new media artist João Martinho Moura and the choreographer Né Barros or PRIMORDIAL – an audio-visual show by Danish performers and composers Bjørn Svin and Carl Emil Carlsen, which was previously presented at European festivals as CPH Electronica Stage.

A special category of interesting events for the public are professional workshops, namely UX design The Language without Words with computer vision technology led by Sean Mulholland from the American company IDEO, or Physicality in Virtual Spaces, where participants will learn the principles of movement and dance in a world of virtual reality with independent artist Mária Júdová. Data-driven Organization workshop with last year’s festival speaker Karol Piekarski from Medialab Katowice will focus on the analysis of cultural events and their organizers. Children under the age of 10 can join in the popular Fero Király’s Zvukodrom, which helps to develop an artistic abstract feeling for children through the relationship between sound and image.

The fans of the exhibitions will also have an unusual opportunity to see the installation of the resident artist from Barcelona, ​​Marc Vilanova, and his exposition on ultrasonic lamps in the historical area of ​​the synagogue on Zvonárska Street. Stop by the interactive installation and the introductory event of the entire Art & Tech Days festival – ERNEST – an emotionally aware AI that analyzes human expressions and measures feelings of happiness based on computer vision.

As every year, the Art & Tech Days festival cooperates with the DAAVS team, which parallelly organizes an entertaining artistic program focusing on the theme of the festival. The exhibition of artists from the Central European region called New Translation or performance by the New Aliens Agency and artist Jakub Ra – Prenatal is a great example of how to complement the weekly artistic and technological event in the city. The festival will finish with the final performance of the Ziggurat Project Urgent Need to Breathe, which, by gesture and interaction, invites its audience to experience the feelings of the human body that needs to breath underwater.

New Translation / 11/20/2019, 6 PM / Alfa Gallery, Kasárne/Kulturpark

“In today’s and tomorrow’s world we can’t avoid technology – that’s why we’ll need to use the creative in the right way. It can bring interesting solutions and the IT sector can subsequently implement them technologically,” says Creative Industry Košice director Michal Hladký. “Košice has a huge potential to create ideas and innovations. That is why we have been organizing the Art & Tech Days festival in Košice for the fourth year. We believe that investing in creative people will bring original and innovative solutions and bring multiple sectors together. When creating any work, product or service, it is important to think about the impact they will have on society. Let’s not just develop for its own sake. Let’s make the innovations meaningful and deeper, positive.”

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