International creative studio Lava


Lava is an international creative agency that emphasizes the strength of innovative ideas in the fields of design and technologies. The team of Lava has been working on visual identities, branding, creative strategies, typographies and campaigns for several years now and that on the two premises in Amsterdam and Beijing. Together they stand behind the design of numerous commercial companies (Vodafone – Firestarters), cultural organizations (Van Gogh Museum), events & festivals (KLIK), even governmental or non-profit platforms and projects oriented on performative art. One member of the creative group of Lava, Lisa van Kleef, will be presenting her views on design for Košice residents – and only a week from now! During her talk at Art & Tech Days 2019, she’ll amuse those who are willing to explore design and branding a step forward and learn about their existing projects on Generation Z.

Check out the article about one of Amsterdam’s most visited venues, the Hermitage Amsterdam, and the exhibition Dutch Masters from the Hermitage for which Lava created the creative strategy and educational programme, too. Don’t forget to get your ticket for the Art & Tech Days festival – you can meet Lisa van Kleef personally.