How long can you hold your breath for?


Have you heard of Sama-Bajau people from Southeast Asia yet? They are also known as Sea Nomads and originally come from the Philippines. The Sama-Bajaus differ from us, the casual mortals, because they spent most of their life underwater. Due to this almost 1000-year-long lifestyle, their body has undergone such physiological changes that they can hold up their breath up the infinite 18 minutes! Try to imagine this fascinating story about the Earth’s Southeast culture within the context of a dance-interactive event. That’s what the Urgent Need to Breathe performance by Ziggurat Project is all about – the performers’ gestures and audience interaction invites you to feel the human emotions when in need to inhale. Lack of oxygen means fear. Paranoia. Even hallucinations. You’re safe, though. It’s just a performance. But you may forget to breathe unconsciously.

Enjoy Ziggurat Project as an off-programme of Art & Tech Days festival which will take place in Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Košice. A totally mind-blowing experience.

Foto: Zellei Boglárka Éva