Forum 2030 – the goals of the Programme of Economic and Social Development of the City of Košice were presented to the “sounding board” for feedback


After almost a year of the document preparations, which included initial analysis, data collection, and following 42 working groups, the city has set 21 goals of the Programme of economic and Social Development of the City of Košice, also known as the Script for Košice

The difference to the previous one is the participatory process of citizens of Košice and surrounding used in its creation. The document also focuses more on environmental and social topics and healthcare.

On 11th November 2021, we organized an event for the representatives of the sounding board, where the City of Košice presented 21 goals of four different areas of the Programme to the experts. The areas are green development, social development, economic development, and governance. Each of them was presented by the expert responsible for its preparation.

At the beginning of the event, Ing. Jaroslav Polaček, the Mayor of Košice City, emphasized that they want to manage the city, not by feelings but by data. Thanks to this fact, Košice will be able to move forward much faster. You can watch the recording of the meeting here.