Discussion: How should a vocational education look like in the culture and creative industry?


We invite you to an online discussion about how do you imagine a professional education in culture and creative industries. The discussion for people working in educational institutions, lecturers, teachers, and those interested in this topic will be held on 18th November at 4 pm through ZOOM. You need to register in advance at bit.ly/vzdelavanieKKP

Thanks to the project Deus, Creative Industry, Košice cooperates to identify educational needs in culture and creative industries and develop innovative methodologies. These methodologies can effectively react to specific educational needs of people from culture and creative industries from the content’s point of view and the teaching methods appropriate for these creative professionals.

We will discuss these topics:

– What are the needs for professional training and quality improvement of creative and cultural professionals?

– How can we overcome the gap between vocational education and training and education in culture and creative industry? 

– Which examples in Europe demonstrate a functional approach to achieving this goal? 

– Why is it necessary to use formal and informal educational approaches in the culture and creative industry? 

Project DeuS or European Open Design School for Sustainable Regional Development connects subjects from culture and creative industry to find solutions together and enable creative people and professionals from whole Europe to vocational education and training. The aim is to engage local cultural organizations, actors, or creatives in participatory, innovative, and practical solutions to local challenges they face.


The project is co-funded using the public fundings of the European Union program Erasmus+