42 artistic, research, and development projects

Can the home environment work as a stimulus for creativity? The Home Residencies project, prepared by the city of Košice in cooperation with Creative Industry Košice, aimed to support artists, researchers, and representatives of the cultural and creative industries to this very end. As a result, there are now 42 projects that move Košice forward.

Kristína Bertičová – Košice fairy tales for disadvantaged children

“I focused on creating fairy tales for disadvantaged children. Together with the writer Peter Karpinský, we are working on a new audio fairy tale, which will be about Košice statues and how they decided to save the city from a dangerous dragon that escaped from the Košice U.S. Steel Košice. The result of my residency will be a CD with fairy tales accompanied by music, which libraries will be able to use for their own creative activities.”

Mykhaylo Zakhariya – Cimbalom recital

“The goal of my project is to prepare a cimbalom recital. The main idea is to popularize the cimbalom as a classical instrument, which can be equivalent to preferred instruments on concert stages, such as piano or violin. During my residency, I’m preparing for the concert and rehearsing the repertoire – it is a routine daily preparation.”

More info: www.zakhariyamusic.com

Michaela Eliáš – Evening school of creative photography

“The purpose of my home residency was to create a new educational program – the so-called Evening school of creative photography and teaching materials for this project. The six-month study program will focus not only on craft skills but especially on the artistic side of photography, the ability to work with visual language, and use artistic means of expression. The program will consist of regular and online meetings of 60 hours.”

More info: www.kurzyfotografovania.sk

Ján Gálik – Jewess

“The forest path, which cross-country skiers and tourists also call the ‘Jewess’, begins at Jahodná and continues through the forest through the popular destination Lajoška to Kojšovka. The story behind the construction of this route is still shrouded in mystery. During the Second World War, the population of Jewish origin took part in its construction, thus allegedly avoiding transport to concentration camps. However, it is still a mystery where all these people ended up after the works were completed – no one knows this to this day. After preparing the script for the documentary, I looked for people who had researched the subject and collected historical materials and testimonies. I am currently working on collecting all the available data. I firmly believe that together we will be able to solve this mystery and tell the story of the ‘Jewess’ to the public in Košice and around the world.”

Dana Zakhariya – Piano CD recording

“The outcome of my residency will be a music recording with extremely interesting works by female composers of various origins, from Baroque times to the present, for piano solo. The main idea is to bring the listeners the piano work of women, which, although quantitatively and qualitatively represented, still do not have an equal position in the society of male composers. I chose the most suitable songs that I rehearse every day until I’m ready to record.”

Peter Cábocky – Degrowth

“I have been devoting myself to small-format abstract painting for a long time, which in a way goes against the trend – it is a critique of the idea of ​​’the bigger the better’. During my residency, I am working on a new series of paintings, which builds on my previous work. Recently, the idea of ​​degrowth has appealed to me. I am interested in the progress and especially in the fact that in our society there is a huge pressure for us to progress, improve, and produce. The resulting paintings should not be an illustration of these ideas.”

Tomáš Hodermarský – Poetry Jam

“I am preparing a series of events called Poetry Jam, which is intended for fans of poetry and music. After various reflections, I finally managed to complete the dramaturgical plan of the event. It will be based on three basic pillars – a recitation of poetic texts, chanting chanson melodies, and discussion with a guest. I am pleased that the reciters who piqued my interest with their lyrics have already confirmed their participation in the production. I also chose the partition songs and started working on composing and writing my own chanson, which will have its premiere during the event.”

Martina Uličianska – Revision

“In my project, I am reviewing my photographic material from the last twelve years or so, which is still largely unused. It contains themes such as everyday life, ordinariness, intimate space, home, landscape, or space. I gradually sort and analyze the scanned films. This creates new contexts and I am gradually working on a concept that I could use for an exhibition. Using these photos and my older texts, I plan to create a small zine, a modified version of which I will later publish in the form of a blog. “

More info: www.flickr.com/photos/degamine

Palko Matia – Pandemic textures of the city

“I’m doing a conceptual study of the urban environment in the context of a pandemic. Visually, I am interested in the urban environment, which is in trance during this period – shops, gastronomy, services. Among other things, how government regulations are dealt with by these contact points. I am creating a digital photo gallery of pandemic urban textures that can be used further (including 3D visualizations, concepts, matte paintings). The result will be photos and studies of the textures of specific urban buildings, townhouses, and various details in high quality for free use with giving credit.”

Ariadna Vendelová – Blue

“Together with videographer and filmmaker Michaela Hošková, we are currently working on the concept and visual dramaturgy of a new short dance film that will thematize and reflect the multi-layered issues of women’s inner experience and life in diverse family, relationship, personal and work constellations (not only) during a pandemic. Background materials, mood boards, scenario design, a methodology of output creation, and the like are slowly being prepared through our online collaboration.”

František Blažo – New messages

“Urgent changes and themes of the contemporary world will be reflected in my artistic mosaic – in the creation of collages, human and animal figures from letters in texts, and new compositions. I will complete the subsequent recycling of selected materials in new compositions and photographs by drawing with a black marker. I will realize the created works using the technique of digital printing on canvas and paper.”

Adam Centko – Home and everywhere else!

“During the residency, I will create a short, comic, and temporary video art, which will take place partially in an authentic Slovak village facility and partially in the beautiful luxury environment of the digital world. It is a portrait of a family for which physical time has stopped, but digital has not. The resulting work will be a high-definition video with an original soundtrack that will be premiered online.”

More info: www.adamcentko.com

Katarína Blažová Tekeľová – Meditation

“In my works, I often have a dialogue with the ideas of the authors of the spoken, written word, singing, and music, who appeal to me. For years, a response to the iconic black square of the painter Kazimir Malevich, red square or the Square Sun, has been on my mind. When I started painting it, I spontaneously switched to a portrait which I titled the Madonna. The name of the diptych Square Sun/Madonna is hommage à Kazimir Malevich. I’m considering extending the diptych.”

Andrea Gavalcová – Cinefil club

“The Cinefil Club is a project aimed at developing the audience of Kino Úsmev and expanding it by new potential visitors following a period of pandemic and anti-epidemiological measures, which have resulted in reduced attendance at cultural events. The club will be designed for cinephiles and all fans of quality cinema. We are working on a film program, visuals, and introductions to the films and we are looking for our cinephiles.”

Michal Kentoš – Preparation for the new concert season

“Together with my band, we are preparing the new concert season for 2021, rehearsing the new program, as well as preparing new content. We are currently working from home and preparing a new song. Gradually we will establish the form of the song, while simultaneously writing the lyrics to it. I also invited a guest to collaborate with us – my wife Júlia Kentoš, who comes from Ukraine. She will participate in the song as a vocalist.”

Katarína Onderková – Cosmonaut

“My project with working title Cosmonaut explores anti-pandemic restrictions and measures in relation to performative space through architectural approaches to increase the safe production of events. At the moment, I am still looking for professional studies that deal with the factors influencing the spread of coronavirus, as well as with the measures taken so far, and especially with good examples of the adaptation of measures from around the world. At the same time, I am beginning to gather this information into a uniform visual in the form of a general manual, which will serve as a basis for a case study.”

Katarína Bajkayová – Diary of the Ceramist

“I am working on a new brand focused on the creation of utility ceramics and porcelain. I created a financial plan, a time schedule for the creation of individual collections, and came up with ideas for the first collection. First, I will design a dining set, where the individual products should fulfill a utility function. I build on my previous experience and study of free art. The dining set will be made of porcelain – that’s why a large part of my work is now focused on testing the material, finding the right technical way of production, communication with the suppliers, and drawing.”

Dominika Čupková – Unnecessary apologies

“My project is trying to hyperbolize the act of unnecessary apologies with the help of an AI ​​model, which has learned to apologize on its own from series of tweets. Bizarre, funny, but sometimes quite normal. I have already collected data and trained the AI ​​model. I am currently working on the second part of the project which is a graphically aesthetic website that will generate these apologies at the click of a key by the users. I laid the foundation for my website in ReactJS and I wonder how it will all turn out and what it will look like.”

Ivana Gavalcová – Increasing the transparency of financial management

“Last year was very challenging for the entire cultural sector. With my project, I want to clean up the financial management of the Kino Úsmev and make it clearer not only for internal purposes but also to inform the public about our functioning. I believe that in this way we will be able to better identify our weaknesses and thus prepare stronger and more resilient budgets.”

More info: www.kinousmev.sk

Peter Tóth – Loop & Creativity

“During the residency, I will create instrumental ambient music with the help of a looper and various instruments such as acoustic or electric guitar. The Loop & Creativity project is going in various directions, as I find new possibilities for using looping every day. This is accompanied by temporary technical problems that force me to constantly find solutions for real-time music production on multiple instruments. The connection with a VJ Jakub Pišek brings a new dimension, thanks to which an interesting connection between two artists was created.”

Diana Kakara Dobrescu – ARCHive

“During my home residency, I document the state of architecture in Košice. In this project, I play the role of photographer and researcher for the Modern Architecture Initiative. I am currently consulting and planning to take photos of selected buildings such as the District Court, Dargov, Kino Družba, and the Technical University of Košice. My task is to show people these buildings and elements, which are lost before our eyes every day, through a photograph.”


Peter Šafránek – Lolokar

“Thanks to the home residency, I have renewed the multi-genre pandemic project Lolokar, which is characterized by its DIY production. The foundations for the newest song January were laid at a time when we were just watching the construction of a new hospital in faraway China. According to experts and statistics, cases of domestic violence are increasing alarmingly, so I think that the message of the song is still very relevant today.”

More info: January

Eva Čarnoká – Pančelke

“The main goal of the project is to create a functional website which will sell original design objects for teachers. These original gifts are intended for a favorite or unforgettable teacher. The website will launch a new brand Pančelke (in Slovak student slang: Mrs. Teacher). In addition, it will make educational materials focused on the fine arts available to the public. The models wearing the products are superwomen and students who add a touch and authenticity to the Pančelka collection. ”

Matúš Maršalko – Preparation for sustainability and development of community projects

“During the home residency, I am actively engaged in communication with partners and suppliers regarding the preparation of events for the next season. I am preparing the BIKEFOLK Festival, in which we will connect folklore culture with the cycling community at our BIKE PARK Červený breh. I try to involve as many performers, suppliers, artists, and participants as possible for various workshops related to this topic.”

Martin Bertič – Level of Consciousness

“I really enjoy composing instrumental music for smaller bands, it gives me a lot of freedom in improvisation. The aim of my project is to create two new compositions for an instrumental trio – electric guitar, bass guitar, and percussion instruments. The work is be intended for a wide range of listeners thanks to its genre and stylistic diversity.”

Slavomíra Macáková – Cinefil Club

“The Cinefil Club is a project aimed at strengthening and building the audience for Kino Úsmev’s events, but its priority is to support the return of visitors to cinemas after the long-term closure and pandemic restrictions that have destabilized the film industry. It includes two primary activities – regular screenings of films outside the regular cinema distribution and meetings to discuss the films.”

More info: www.kinousmev.sk

Peter Kalmár – Zoomformance

 V rámci divadelnej práce sme spracovali niekoľko posolstiev, ktoré priebežne zverejňujeme na našom Facebooku.“

“Our social theater Hopi Hope continues to work on the Zoomformance – performance through Zoom. The actors have already understood the basics of a good Zoom video. Since they must also be cameramen, they have learned to work with light and respond to ‘space’. We’re about halfway through the project. We’ve already found the topic. We are not going to do anything abstract, our performance will be a plea to all crazy people to start behaving normally. The working title is ‘Message from Another Planet’. We have also worked on several other ideas which we regularly publish on our Facebook.”

Anna Grega Mižič – JANČIČI

“I have prepared a script and technical script for my JANČIČI performance and selected, provided, and sewn the costumes for my co-performers. I have also created the props myself – I see it is a handmade fairy tale production. All this happened so I can realize two of the three audiovisual works. Last but not least, I am working on the completion of a song for which Martin Husovský has already recorded piano background music. JANČIČI is happy, singing, dancing, and believing that the universe will make it possible for her to make children happy again. “

More info: www.jancici.sk

Katarína Rybnická – Communication strategy

“During my home residency, I create a new communication strategy for the Šopa Gallery and the space it shares with the K.A.I.R. – Košice Artists in Residence. Based on meetings and interviews with the team members of both organizations, we analyzed our current situation, but also future plans, improvements, and what steps we need to take to ensure that this strategy is implemented. Based on this analysis, I am preparing steps to better define the space and organizations, the philosophy of communication, its form, and content.”

More info: www.kair.sk, www.sopagallery.sk

Juliana Sokolova – M35: Series of poems

“During my residency at home, I’m writing a series of poems that explore the house I live in and the various strategies for living in it. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been making notes that are tied to the living in this house in the form of fragments of literary texts. The residency allowed me to rework these fragments into a concentrated whole and work on new poems so that together they could create a complete cycle of poems.”

Boris Sirka – From object to utility ceramics

“The intention of my project is to bridge my current art direction dealing with objects and sculpture into utility ceramics. The aim is to bring my work closer to a wider audience by combining applied art and traditional craftsmanship with a rich history. The result itself will be something between a utility object and a small sculpture. For the general public, in addition to original ceramics, it is also an opportunity to obtain an art object in a more accessible form and value compared to a medium such as painting or sculpture.”

Adam Slezák – For Alice

“I will create an artwork focused on topics related to emotionality in art, ecology, and technological development, which will also refer to the fast-paced present reality. By developing the theoretical pillars and examining them, the physical form of the work will be created in the end. Due to the time constraints of the residency, I will create a work of a smaller format, which I would like to present in a gallery environment. Alternatively, I will exhibit it in the form of live video in an online virtual gallery.”

Marko Blažo – PEACE

“I often add motives and inspirations from my favorite authors from the history of art and architecture to the layers of my drawings or combine them with photographs from my walks. I create new series of compositions on a computer, I recycle my own works, I collage my drawings with works by favorite authors, I create new citations. With selected techniques and topics, I follow my dominant feeling – the feeling of subjective fear of inevitable events – in a scrum of information facts of the present day. I will realize the works using the technique of digital printing and acrylic painting.”

Ľubomír Hreha – Musical tale

“During my residency, I am working on a musical tale about how disobedient germs Mrs. Fever and Mr. Cough infected two friends, Peter and Zuzka, on the playground, who did not wash their hands before they went to eat and became ill. They visited the doctor wearing a face mask, and he prescribed them medication and explained to them why they had to follow hygienic habits so that they would not get sick again. Eventually, the medicine fought off the germs and the children returned to kindergarten. The story is interwoven with cheerful songs and beautiful illustrations.”

More info: www.ujolubo.sk

Martin Jeriga – Carols Unheard

“The theme of my residency is working with Slovak and Ukrainian folk music material associated with the Christmas or winter season. It is about arranging and elevating it to a higher art form by merging it with jazz, pop, and classical music, hence, approaching a wider and different audience than the usual audience of this genre. The idea is communication between different areas and worlds and their interconnection – folk music and classical music, old music and new music, Slovakia and Ukraine, the world of adults and the world of children, the secular and the religious world.”

Roman Valenta – Preparation of audiovisual communication

“I dedicate my residency to the creation of audiovisual content intended for the presentation purposes of the project K.A.I.R. – Košice Artists in Residence. The created audiovisual material will be used for a better presentation of what the project has to offer for resident artists, the local cultural space, and what role it plays on the Košice cultural map. The output of my project will be used to present the vision of K.A.I.R. and increase its attractiveness to current or potential partners, Slovak and foreign artists, and the public.”

Lukáš Berberich – 100 Years of Kino Úsmev

“The aim of this project is to prepare a dramaturgical concept, financial plan, and marketing strategy for the occasion of the 100-years anniversary of the Kino Úsmev in Košice, as it is an event that is significant not only in the local but also in the national and international context. It will mainly involve the preparation of a comprehensive dramaturgical plan and special events for 2022.”

More info: www.kinousmev.sk

Tomáš Filo – Garden hospital

“In my project, I will focus on the exploration of the Louis Pasteur University Hospital on Rastislavova Street. It is a city gem which just needs some ‘cleaning’. With a little work, we can stop calling it an old hospital and start calling it a garden or park hospital. The content of my project is therefore research in the field on the premises of the hospital and its surroundings, research in institutions such as The Regional Monuments Board, the city, and state archives. The outcome of the project will be a digital presentation and, if the situation allows, a public lecture and graphic prints demonstrating the qualities of this area.”


“There are thought processes, but also devices that in today’s world have no hope of being used in a commercial environment. That’s why we lack innovations like a hairbrush with a wine corkscrew – but I don’t want to deal with these things. I want to create things that people need, such as mapping on a matchbox or an internal RS232 to DMX converter used to control lights in a theatrical environment. ”

Nikolas Bernath – F.B.I.

“The goal of my residency is to do practical, pragmatic and at the same time a bit speculative and futurological research that would answer the notorious question – What’s the next big thing (for Košice)? I research this on the basis of interviews with people in leading positions of local and international institutions dedicated to art and urban development. The output will be a website, an online collection, or one large essay supplemented with visual material and possible studies and proposals.”

Adam Dragún – Activist cookbook

“Activist Cookbook is a project mapping the potential of Košice’s cultural centers, formal and informal groups in the field of activism. Culture and art have always been the center of activism, and many activities aimed at spreading tolerance came from this very environment. In my research, I want to focus on mapping previous activities of existing cultural institutions. I would like to pay particular attention to the issues of minorities, domestic violence, the position of women in society, anti-fascism, and civic activism. The result will be a publication that will provide an overview of the activities that took place in Košice but will also serve as a catalog for better interconnection of individuals and institutions for future cooperation in the field of activism.”

Michal Sabo – Research of new online streaming solutions

“This project is mainly dedicated to the research of new formats of streaming in the online space, the beginning of the implementation of its own online platform for Kino Úsmev, and thus the increased possibility of interaction with the audience. The activities of this project will support audience development, new forms of audience interaction during a pandemic, new ways of communication and learning, and are also focused on researching new possibilities for functioning as a cultural organization in a pandemic.