11 graphics designs that explain what DesignLab by CIKE x MILK was about


“I realized that we are very similar as freelancers, and we have the same problems that can be solved.”

Silvia Vargová

“I see CIKE as a mentor for people working in the creative industry in Košice. In this case, they were also donors. I had high expectations, and they were met.”

Roman Juhás

“I’ve learned that every process can be changed and adapted to work and positively impact the customer experience.”

Anna Hájková

“The most beneficial topic for me was the customer’s journey because until then, I had no idea in how many ways my communication with the client could fail. Now I know what to look out for.”

Dominika Čupková

“DesignLab has changed the entire functioning of my creative business from the ground up.”

Samuel Kušnír

“It was interesting for me to watch how the mentor approached the GlobalLogic client during the workshop and see behind the scenes of the CURAPROX brand marketing.”

Silvia Podoláková

“DesignLab has taught me to better guard and plan my time and communicate with customers. It also gave me a sense of confidence in my abilities.”

Katarína Jančovičová

“I learned to go in-depth and spend a lot more time on preparing projects. It made my job much easier. ”

Matej Klíč

“I especially appreciated the openness of the mentor about the situation in his own studio and the practicality of the information provided.”

Štefánia Sekanová

“DesignLab has helped me organize my thoughts, be confident in the steps I take, and become more professional.”

Katarína Rybnická

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in DesignLab. Even if it manifests itself gradually, it has greatly changed my approach to the graphic design business.”

Kristína Šebejová

“Not sharing know-how is a crime. If we do not cooperate, we will not improve. I gained new partners, not competitors.”

Martin „Žltý“ Jenča

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