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  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • september - október 2015
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Tallinn Creative Hub

Tallinn Creative Hub (hereinafter TCH) is carrying on legacy of European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011.

In today’s TCH, an abandoned Power Plant in the heart of Tallinn, Andrei Tarkovski filmed the key scene of his cult movie „Stalker“ – entering the zone. This symbol of the adventurous seeker lives on in the activities of the TCH.

The TCH is promoting transdisciplinary cooperation while focusing on connecting culture and other sectors, aiming to create new and magnify existing transdisciplinary cultural projects in Estonia and beyond as a prerequisite for innovation. The mission is to stimulate partnerships, knowledge transfer, broad global network and to find and support innovative and sustainable learning and collaboration methods.

The TCH is ongoing reconstruction project (the office of TCH will be moved to the location near to the seaside in spring 2015), yet TCH has been active (co-)organizing different local and international events, i.e. Stalker Festival.


Creative Education Programme of Tallinn Creative Hub

Creative Education Programme is a transdisciplinary symbiosis of various fields, cultures, themes, movements, theories and practices, i.e. creative education, media art, film and video, literature, music, visual arts, food culture, (social) entrepreneurship and human rights.

The programme is promoting collaboration, transdisciplinary approaches, and analytical and critical thinking. The programme is offering a variety of possibilities to share experiences and knowledge through a combination of events, including seminars, talks and lectures, workshops and exchange programme for creative professionals. The Creative Education Programme is also a connecting link between other activities of TCH, such as Food Lab and Maker Lab.

During the exchange programme with K.A.I.R., the staff of TCH will help make connections with the local cultural and social scene. The selected creative professional is expected to present her/his/their work and the way of working to a wide variety of audiences. Also, it is expected to present the work (in progress) created during the programme near the end of the stay.


What we provide

  • Eight week stay in Tallinn, Estonia (1 September - 31 October 2015, the exact dates will be mutually agreed on between selected creative professional and Creative Education Programme)
  • Grant 1200€ (paid in two installments)
  • Accommodation (A rented small flat with internet connection - please bring your own laptop as no computer will be provided.)
  • Travel costs refund up to 450€
  • Production (cost up to 300€; including some consultancy) and PR support

What we demand

  • All professional emerging and established creative individuals over the age of 21 from Slovakia are eligible. Applicants must be citizen of Slovakia.
  • Creative professional should pursuit of transdisciplinary approaches (theory and practice and/or mixing various disciplines).
  • Creative professional should be open for collaboration with local creative professionals and/or organizations.
  • We are interested in: visual arts (film and video, media art, comics and cartoon), design (incl. board game design), literature and storytelling (incl. drama), performance art, contemporary dance, street art, (experimental) music, community arts, artistic practices (incl. artistic intervention), creative education, urban planning (incl. gender and political perspectives), cultural theory (incl. intersections between culture and human rights, i.e. freedom of expression), curatorial practices, food culture (incl. global agronomy) and/or (social) entrepreneurship. Creative professional should have a demonstrated record of his/her experience.
  • Creative professional should be able to know English on at least working level (no translation is provided).
  • One public talk and one workshop during the programme and a presentation of final project created during the programme (agreed with the host organization) at the end.
  • Compulsory attendance.
  • Presentation or other public event about the programme upon return to Košice.


1. Please read the Terms & Conditions [download id="2313"]

2. The completed application no larger than 2MB must consist of three PDF files, all written in English and named as below:

  • PDF n°1: CV – an up-to-date CV (maximum 3 pages) including your full name, address, phone number, email address, education and creative activities (named as: CV_NAME_LAST NAME);
  • PDF n°2: Letter of motivation and objectives – briefly describe your motivation to come to Tallinn and three original ideas of projects you would like to realise (named as: motivation_NAME_LAST NAME);
  • PDF n°3: Portfolio – personal statement and presentation of creative works (max. 6 pages: texts, photos, links to your website, video or audio sharing websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc.) (named as: portfolio_NAME_LAST NAME).

To apply please fill the APPLICATION FORM

Deadline: 20th of March 2015, 6:00 PM (Slovakia time)  

Please note that incomplete applications and those sent after the deadline will not be considered. All applicants will be notified of final decision by 10 April 2015.

Further information contact the host organization Creative Education Programme of Tallinn Creative Hub: Dagmar Kase –, +372 58 874 921 Official website:

Contact for sending organization K.A.I.R. Košice Artist in Residence Project manager: Zuzana Kotiková - +421915078489

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