Vitalii Kokhan: Indeed For a While
  • K.A.I.R.
  • 20 marec 2013 o 18:00

  • Ateliéry K.A.I.R, Strojárenská 3, Košice
During his Košice residency which took two months Vitalii Kokhan (UA) worked on art objects which are presented in frame of an exhibition called Indeed For a While. The opening will be held on the 20th of March from 18:00 at Strojárenská 3, Košice. The exhibition will be opened during the week days from 16:00 until 20:00 until the 28th of March The exhibition presents a set of art installations which deal with the phenomenon of time in the context of the history of the city and history in general. The processes of lifetime cycle in nature, its patterns and the transience, even absurdity, of life are captured in panoramic photography, video installations, fictive artefacts and museum like exhibits. On Tuesday the 26th of March at 18:00 we organize the Open Studios Night and you can get to know more about Vitalii’s work. During this event you will also have a possibility to meet our new resident Juka Araikawa, who stays in Košice from March until May. The event takes place at K.A.I.R. Studios at Strojárenská 3, Košice