Open Studios Night
  • K.A.I.R.
  • 10 október 2012 o 18:00

  • Ateliéry K.A.I.R, Strojárenská 3, Košice
It is our pleasure to invite you for the very first K.A.I.R. Open Studios Night which will take place on the 10th of October from 18:00 in the studios of K.A.I.R., Strojarenská 3, Košice, Slovakia.
Current residents will present their work and also the overall experience of staying in Košice. During informal talks, screenings and guided tours the visitors will be able to get to know more about Julia Mensch (ARG)Mathijs Lieshout (NL) and Bastian Muhr (GER).
We hope to establish this event as a tradition of informal meetings with interesting people coming form all over the world to spend three months in Košice. Each Open Studios Night will be special since it is up to the artists to choose how they want to present their work and the project they work on in Košice. It can be a presentation, screening, talk, guided tour, performance or something completely different.