Alexandra Jurikova
2 min

Project STRANGE VIEW or It Ain't Real Anymore.

The project with its working title Strange View was created within the cooperation of Slovak choreographer and dancer, dance activist Katarína Rampáčková, Italian choreographer, dancer, dance activist Martina Francone and Italian musician Simeone Tecla. The aim is to create site-specific performance during the one month stay of the artists with light designer Braňo Bernár and SHOWMEDIA company in Košice, Slovakia. The residency will take place in non-theatrical space called KLUB at Štúrova 11 in Košice.

The premiere of the performance will be in the same space during White Night in Košice in October 3rd 2015. The reprise will be during the White Night in Bratislava in October 10th 2015. The performance will be created for specific space and the viewer will be active observer who will work through installed rooms. The light will have important role. The dancers will bring a life to the space, they will take part on the creation of the atmosphere in highlighted spaces and they will create concrete situations with the elements of absurdity. The musician will fill the space with sounds, music and he will work with rhythm and echo. The performance doesn´t create story, it draws situations and atmospheres. It brings the viewer to surreal world. The world which exceeds the dimension of the reality expresses or evokes the world of unconscious, inner world, dream. The basic theme for the artists will be reality/unreality.  


Katarína Rampáčková was born in Košice, she studied physical theater at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and she is the Master of Arts in choreography which she studied at Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Currently she works with contemporary dance group Heeb She from Košice. They are creating new dance-theatre performance called Ženy. She also teaches contemporary dance and is active member of professional dancers and choreographers group Attivisti della dancza which is based in Italy. Martina Francone from Italy studied classical ballet and modern dance in Prato and she graduated in the field of dance theatre at Trinity Laban in London, where she later worked as dancer and choreographer. Currently she works in Island dance company SHäR and in other dance projects in Sweden, Italy and England. She teaches classical ballet for contemporary dancer. Martina is active member of the group of professional dancers and choreographers Attivisti della danza which is based in Florence, Italy. Simone Tecla is mostly interested in improvisation, jazz and experiment and searching for “new music”. He studied at conservatorium in Utrecht and Rotterdam in the Netherlands and in Florence in Italy. Last years he is active in several music groups and dance theater projects. The project is supported by Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava and Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.