Róbert Bugoš
1 min

Young startup-er David is getting valuable experience within his business plan in CrowdfundingHub in Netherlands

David is a quite young goal-oriented person with the passion for entrepreneurship, start-ups and social projects. Within his range of interest, he decided to apply for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project. He met his coach and mentor Ronald Kleverlaan from CrowdfundingHub with rich skills about startups and crowdfunding. Under Ronald guidance, David is working on his business plan in term of usability, functionality, efficiency and profitability as well.

In the real startup environment, he has the opportunity to test start-ups funding ideas, market analyzing, joint discussions of findings and their implementation to business models, this match was beneficial for both entrepreneurs.

As David said: „ I think I might learn from Ronald how to do effective communication with stakeholders, how to adapt to new trends and market needs.”