Magdaléna Haľková
2 min

Lear 3D modeling with easy slovak startup Vectary

Do you want to 3D-print a lifehack or prototype your startup product? Come to the workshop on 24th November and learn how to make ready-to-print 3D models in Vectary and thanks to BNICE NPO you will also learn more about 3D printing.

Slovak startup VECTARY makes it easy to create printable 3D models right in your browser window. You can share your models at vectary.com and discuss with the community of designers and makers. You can also customize any shared model of any maker to make it match your taste or needs.

With a Free Vectary acount you can create and share an unlimited number of models - for free, without functional limitations. You can also use 5 private slots for your secret personal projects.

The user interface is simple and clean - designed for both newcomers and pros in mind. Vecatry’s parametric tools and advanced smoothing algorithms allow you to easily create high-quality models for 3D printing. 

BNICE NPO (Brand New Ideas Changing Environment) is an open platform for professionals from fields as research and development, future technologies and branding. Its mission is the support of the creative projects with positive impact on a society. One of the domains of the organization is the application of 3D printing in different industries (biomedical engineering, design, architecture).

Join Ján Pernecký (rese arch | VECTARY) at the upcoming workshop and learn the basics of the mesh modeling, get to know advanced techniques and use Vectary to create your own printable 3D models. The afternoon program will be focused on 3D printing and led by Marek Shnitzer from BNICE.

The workshop is suitable for 3D modeling newcomers as well as for experienced 2D and 3D software users. Bring your own laptop (Windows 7 or newer, MacBook Air or higher) with Google Chrome and a mouse.

The workshop is held in English. It is free of charge but the capacity is limited. Register here

Deadline for registration: 18.11.2016
WHERE: Kasárne/Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia