Martin Drahovský, Barbara Rusnaková
3 min

Introducing Kosice Story Hotel // Story 005

Bankov represents an extraordinary place for the perception and understanding of Kosice’s bourgeoisie culture. It is connected to the town hotel, went through several stages of development and growth up to the end of the eighties, and desperately survived as a tavern visited by peculiar occupants. Its resurrection begins at the beginning of the nineties, when as a little town hotel was handed over into private hands, and private owners have decided to bring its bourgeoisie fame aback.

It was the first four-star hotel in Kosice, having its own covered pool and relax center. Its intimate atmosphere and location beyond hectic town center is the most ideal place for relax after a hard day, or a place for a mediocre family events distinguished by high level and noblesse. Hotel Bankov has become the oldest functioning hotel in Slovakia, located in its original position.      

Šandor Márai, a Košice-born, for long an unknown author – humanist, whose works were forbidden not only in Slovakia, but also in Hungary, described his  relation to Kosice, his home town as – literary idealistic and locally realistic – as hardly any writer in the world, with love and pleasure.  Márai, belonging to the family of Kosice bourgeoisie, patricians, spent summer months of several years in Bankov, at one of the villas his family rented for summers. Márai, mentions it in his works, connecting local atmosphere and world events with philosophy and hierarchy of civic values.   

These favorable facts significantly contributed in the past to connection of Hotel Bakov, Márai and to creation of a little corner – a library composed of Márai’s books in Hotel Bankov café. Mr. Martin Drahovský, a leading figure of organic architecture and educationist, is a person closely connected to the cultivation of bourgeoisie and to Hotel Bankov in particular. Already in his early childhood, Mr. Martin Drahovský, intimately knew places Márai lovingly spoke of in his works. Creation of Márai’s room was therefore only a logical conclusion, or addition to the hotel, which systematically cultivates bourgeoisie environment of Kosice. Mr. Martin Drahovský was a co-author of the hotel reconstruction  in the recent past, preferring creation within the context of its environment, based on local traditions and materials.       

There are several faces of Šándor Márai, but the most prominent feature is humanism and struggle against all evils. Márai – a temperamental literary man and “a café person”; Márai – the author of several literary and celebratory works about Kosice; Márai – forced globetrotter since his young age, due to his uncompromising attitude to unjust orders. All these shall be reminded by the room, where a visitor can read Márai’s book, get carried away by tunes from Márai’s period, or follow places of Márai’s life journey on the map.    

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