Mišo Hudák
2 min

Introducing Kosice Story Hotel // Story 004

Golden Treasure of Kosice has been the richest trove of golden coins in Slovakia. It consists of 2920 golden coins, three golden medals and a golden chain from the renaissance period. Systematically assembled collection represents the rich history of the town not only in an economic but also a cultural sense. One of the most important Ugrian towns, Kosice was in the seventeenth and eighteen century at the peak of its historical significance. Golden Treasure of Kosice was, from the end of the seventeenth century up to its discovery during construction works in 1935, hidden in a building on Hlavná Street.

Hotel Zlatý Dukát, situated in the same street, though not in the same building, has been working with the subject-matter of Kosice Golden Treasure for a long time. During the last years, Hotel Zlatý Dukát was under reconstruction managed by Mr. Štefan Pacák, an architect who is also an author of the room concept for Kosice Story Hotel. His perfect knowledge of the environment enabled him to follow organically previous works. Contemporary exhibit of the treasure has been created in the form of an exclusive safe deposit. Its reflections and light effects the author transformed also on the walls of the room interior. Macramé in the shape of the medal found within a treasure represents a very distinctive detail in the room.     

Hotel consists of four interconnected buildings, each constructed in different historical era. Variability of buildings and their historical origin provides Hotel Zlatý Dukát with possibility to offer grandiose rooms, two-thirds of them being quite unique. Concept of Kosice Story Hotel just continued with variability of these premises. The only requirement of Mr. Šnír, a hotel keeper, was to improve the light conditions in the room, giving freedom to architect and author in one person, to develop ideas, which they selected almost ten years ago. Mr. Šnír is also a glass collector, having an exhibit of his own personal museum within the hotel interior. 

Golden Treasure of Kosice consists of a vast representation of coin types and mints, as it also covers a large territorial range. It has been made public in a specifically designed safe deposit, situated in the historical building of East Slovakian museum at Námestie Maratón mieru. One of the most important symbols in eight-hundred-years history of the town is for now the oldest narrative within the concept of Kosice Story Hotel. In case of Golden Treasure of Kosice, it is an extraordinary accord between the subject-matter, artist, hotel and institution, which transcends its storytelling beyond doors of the room... and in the streets of the town.