Mišo Hudák
3 min

Introducing Kosice Story Hotel // Story 002

Town of Kosice was never a scenery of famous movies or a birthplace of famous directors, and neither it was a host of famous film festivals until June 2016, when Art Film Fest was organized. Nevertheless, the town lived by films via cinemas, which culture and places are still easily recognizable within topography of the town center. The first movie ever played within borders of today’s Slovakia was played in Kosice, in currently non-existent Schalkház cinema, in 1896. Cinemas like Apollo, Capitol, Čas, Centrál, Dukla, Partizán, Slovan, Tatra, Uránia, Úsmev were situated from south end to north end of the town. Other existed  within the wider center as well as on the edge of the town. Some of them have remained only as photographs, or names and some of them have been transformed into representative premises.    


Being fresh graduates of Faculty of Art in Kosice, Messrs. Roman Juhás and Martin Kossuth are yet the youngest authors of room concepts within the context of Kosice Story Hotel. Their developing studio 436 was given an opportunity to create an image of a story of movie-like-Kosice in the room of Congress Hotel Centrum, located on the edge of Námestie osloboditeľov and Južná trieda. These two young artists themselves opted for the stylization of the narrative according to atmosphere of film noir from the fifties and sixties. Initially, they were given an empty room, though their sense for detail and atmosphere can be felt in every piece of furniture and accessory. Roman and Martin covered the whole variety of crafts – from concept visualization to design of such inconspicuous technical details such as moldings or door hinges.     


Also the hotel representative, Mr. Miroslav Šrámek, highlights the merits of spectacularly stylized atmosphere of the room. Even though being a warden of economic well-being of the hotel, Mr. Šrámko emphasizes the importance of creating conditions for new projects, the whole town can benefit from. Hotels are almost identical, providing similar services, and similar comfort; however it is the atmosphere that makes a difference.  


The last original cinema, still standing in the Old Town, is Úsmev cinema at Kasárenské námestie. Vacant building for a several years has been coming to life just last months, and its role in the story of film culture is increasingly significant. Lukáš Berberich manages the organization of young people, who transform this ruined cinema into an audiovisual cultural center. Košice Story Hotel may lure devoted film fans from other countries into Úsmev cinema and vice-versa - film fans visiting the town and the cinema, for instance during a film festival, may enhance the experience from above by living in a stylish film scene.     


Cinematic narrative can contain several interpretations. Kosice proposes the one with the most important part of cinematic industry being in the center - a spectator, a fan, a fanatic. Kosice Story Hotel has combined a topic, frequently neglected and underrated in the historical and contemporary context of Kosice. However, it will not be the case anymore.

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