Mišo Hudák
3 min

Introducing Kosice Story Hotel // Story 001

Košice Story Hotel is a unique concept connecting culture, the creative world and tourism. By remodelling the rooms with artists and architects it has been possible to manage to give form to the strong moments of the city. They will surprise you with uniquely designed rooms with references and links to local services.

Street art culture is not at home in Kosice since the end of the last week. Ever since the early nineties several authors have spontaneously and informally taken to the streets. Many of them ended up with few tags; however, a few others have developed their art within all levels, eventually establishing a legitimate factory for urban icons and symbols from the officially banned discipline. Since 2005, authors and other talented people gathered around the Street Art Communication have started to transform facades of abandoned buildings beyond wider town area to large-format paintings or mural works of art  in such numbers that they’ve deserved they own name. There are no opening hours, no admission fee, and no queues in the Open Mural Gallery (OMG).   

Viktor Fehér and Martin Kiman are not just the figures behind the Street Art Communication. The room in Congress Hotel Roca is also their piece of art. Relation between street art and the hotel building, located in gradually changing industrial quarter, represents an ideal combination of topics from Kosice Story Hotel narratives and location. Viktor and Martin called their work Urban flashbacks and they have decorated the room with several minor motives, rather than one single large painting. Although the regular shape of the hotel rooms and furniture limited the authors, they used the limits of the room in their favour and created from it a little invitation to the great town gallery.    

Mrs. Gabriela Kudičová, a hotel representative, appreciates the wider context of the topic. Kosice Story Hotel concept encouraged in her a tendency for a greater variety of the rooms  and cooperation with local artists. According to her, guests like new and different things therefore the street art room represents an added value and a great invitation. 

Guests, but not only, accommodated in the street art room of Congress Hotel Roca can precisely plan a round trip around all mural pieces of art in the Open town gallery, or they can just freely roam around and find new magical locations of Kosice quarters. Information point of Open town gallery is located in Tabačka Kulturfabrik on Gorký Street, providing answers to all questions regarding street art.   

Viktor Féher’s passion and the Street Art Communication  provide streets of Kosice with top-class works of world-known artists. For now the town grows at a pleasing pace into  great-power of mural art within Central-European context. Polish Łódź is not far and streets of Philadelphia, where similar works are protected almost as historic fresco paintings are no longer an unreal goal to level the quality of contemporary vibrant art and culture.    

If you are interested in spending the night in one of our rooms please visit Kosice Story Hotel webpage where you can pick from 5 different stories.

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