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Ossian Veronese co-founder of Storisell came to Košice for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

In the international programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, through which the Creative Industry Košice brought together several young creative minds with experienced entrepreneurs, one of our partners is Košice IT Valley association.

And it was Košice IT Valley that matched international company focused on the development of games and software MATSUKOi with young entrepreneur from Sweden. Matúš Kirchmayer (founder of MATSUKO) sees Ossian as a man with a vision of the future and someone who is really working on his self improvement. He caught his eye as young entrepreneur that has already done several succesful projects and is really talented.

To know Ossian better read the short interview: 

What you actually do? Are you a designer or creative director?

I’ve been a graphic designer and then I finished my studies in graphic designer and advertising. I was working in advertising agency as digital creative. Basically what I was responsible for were clients digital projects within web design, digital marketing and also motion graphics. From now on, I want to focus more on web and app design.

Do you mean user experience?

Exactly. Actually in Storisell I’m in between user interface and user experience design. With my colleague William we are doing digital marketing focusing on web development and motion graphics.

Is it a digital agency? Who are your clients?

Yes, it is a digital agency. Right now we are working with an HR company and also with a health community, we are doing some developments of their website. Both the design and some technical solutions, for example web chat. We are working on quite different projects and my main focus is in design process, like web design and motion graphics.

So, it’s not just about partial things in campaigns. Are you working on complex things for the company like visual identity etc.?

It depends on the project, but yes. For one client we are more into creating service design right now. And also the growing interest is in creating solutions that guides you through the certain service or an experience. I like to think of the digital experiences like how you experience the brand or this service digitally.

When did you start with the Storisell?

We launched the Storisell at the beginning of march this year. But we have been concept developing for a longer time. Like product development and how to optimize our products for a client. So when we launched in March we could launch really quickly and I think the first week we started up with hard work. Since then we have continued with quite a fast pace with lots of new clients and projects. It is a big fun having my own business and that I am able to put more of myself into work. It was great to work at advertising agency as well but now I have more control. And we also have the possibility to choose the projects we work on. I'm doing what I love.

How did you happen to be on your Erasmus here in Košice?

Everything went very quickly from "me not knowing anything" to "all of the sudden I’m in Slovakia". It was after my first skype with MATSUKO I realized that I’m doing this. Because they have high-end technology projects going on and It is amazing to be part of. And also to help them with my skills, my background. It’s a good match.

You want to contribute with your knowledge of young audience. How you think you can engage with the youngsters nowadays?

Of course it’s very broad. You can’t engage all of the young people. But I think it’s very important to realize that young people, even our generation, is much more critical. They criticize traditional advertising a lot. And you need to understand what’s in it for them. If you have a brand, the traditional advertising looks one way, but now you need to find the real value for your customers. How to create products and services that customers really enjoy and are not tricked into using them. This is changing. At least in Sweden, but probably in the rest of the World, too. You need to be more transparent as a company. You can’t be like "I have this role” and not to talk and show yourself. You have to be honest and show who you are.
To be authentic?

Yes, authentic. Because I think the values are really important for the young generation to find. Like with brands - you want to find brands which values you want to be a part of and you want to express yourself with the brand. Couple of years ago, like in the 50's, it cost a lot of money having the expensive brands, that were cool. But now I think it’s more about finding the companies that you want to identify yourself with. And it’s not only about the money but about the values. Maybe if you are considered about todays environmental situation, then you can pick a brand because they do something for the environment. So for example, when you wear their clothes you are somehow supporting the environment protection. And sometimes you use the brand just to make others think that you are environmentally friendly. And maybe you are actually not but with the brand you can identify yourself. 

Also in the terms of social media you need to rethink how you communicate with your customers. You need to think more about having a dialogue, for example, to use the facebook as a platform for not just promoting yourself but to listening to your customers.

What made you interested in MATSUKO?

I like to explore technology, and they have some projects that I want to look through. How can we really push this different high-tech projects forward. They also have amazing backgrounds within the game industry, they are talented and now they are back here in the Slovakia and working with the game called the Mandate. I’m very inspired by their way of thinking. They also have so many projects going on at the same time, I like that by myself so I think that’s also what caught my interest. 

Is MATSUKO working on international level?

Yes, they have some freelancers and consults from different parts of the world. That’s also fantastic for Matúš (founder of MATSUKO). He seams to have a big international network which is very inspiring for me. I’m from Sweden and I came here to get to know people from new cultures. I really like globalization and together with the digitalization we are able to work with the people from anywhere in the world. 

Do you want to be a digital nomad?

Yes! That would be one of my dreams to be a digital nomad. To travel around and work wherever I want to. I mean, I’m working for clients in Sweden from here now. Actually, for them it’s no difference because we are emailing or skyping and that’s the same when I’m in Gothenburg and they are almost on the same street on the Skype. I love that.

I saw that when you design you play with the physical space. For example the earthquake infographic. Do you like this kind of work?

I like the idea. When we speek about evolution of digitalization. We separate this digital and the print. Very often you focus only on digital development of everything, but you can also try to develop how you are using your physical space. With this earthquake, the brief was to create the folder or poster which explain the process of an earthquake. First of all, I think no one would read the folder about the earthquake. And then it’s about the user experience. I want to invite the user to really be part of this earthquake. I like the idea no to forget that you can actually make an interesting print project as well. To create folder or a flyer about the earthquake wold be maybe the cheapest alternative, but not the most effective. Also when you have lots of digital work and you have to be on computer all the time, it’s nice to get your hands off of the computer and actual build something more 3D.