Alexandra Jurikova
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Unfinished lines&Ein Sonnenstrahl by Katarína Poliačiková (SK)

Katarína spent September, October and November 2014 at residency in Rondo Studios in Graz, Austria. This residency was part of cooperation with Kultur Service Gesellschaft des Landes Steiermark (KSG).

Unfinished lines Open Studio views, work in permanent progress mixed media As many of my previous artworks, “Unfinished lines” has evolved from found material connected with subjective memory and family history. Once again, I’m digging into the past in order to convey it and create a new context for what might have been lost. The basis for “Unfinished lines” is a folder of drawings my grandmother had created during her high school studies in the 1930’s. These are about 30 pages of different clothes patterns, beautifully executed with incredible precision. It is a material beautiful on itself, and, foremost, because these designs had never been realized into real clothes. My grandmother was obliged to quit the school after the second year, because of the family circumstances. These drawings and their unfulfilled potential have triggered my thoughts for a couple of years already and over the time provoked many questions. This material speaks to me and my desire is to examine it’s place nowadays, especially in the context of my artwork. There is a whole constellation of issues I aim to explore: about unrealized lives, carriers, dreams, projects lingering on the shelves. As the first step, I decided to re-draw the clothes patterns in life size, thus literallycontinuing my grandmother’s work. I consider to sew and perhaps even wear these clothes; naturally this act would arouse new questions: about clothes that had never been “inhabited” - empty almost abstract objects - their obsolete shape, outdated fit – the fashion which would make me differentiate between “kitchen” and “leisure” dress – the measurements presented in the sketches versus the shape of my own body. The journey across two generations. Clothes themselves, our everyday “architecture” which slowly takes the shape of our bodies, while at the same time, we often strive to fit ourselves into them. The memory which wears out. Through all these gestures I aim to open up a new space and provoke questions, rather than completing my grandmothers “project.” 
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Ein Sonnenstrahl
hand-cut letters on pin needles, 120x140cm In a glass vitrine, hidden in a passsage in the square in Frohnleiten, Austria, lays a handcut quote from a russian 1950' book "Roads to the stars" by M. Ivanovskij: "Let's imagine a thread with the length of one sun ray, which is 149,5 millions of kilometers. If we placed such a yarn on a town square, it would reach over the rooftops of nine floor houses!"
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