Alexandra Juríková
1 min

The Art of Crowdfunding: A Masterclass for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative Industry Košice organizes masterclass about crowdfunding held on 5th May 2016 from 11:00 in Kasárne/Kulturpark. As crowdfunding continues to be a popular way to fund and launch creative projects, successful campaigns require much more than simply making a nice video and setting up a campaign. Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or an independent artist, this workshop will cover the key aspects of creating a successful crowdfunding campaign and prepare you to start working on your own. Learn how to Prototype and Describe your Project, Plan your Campaign, Create Rewards, Clarify your Budget and E ectively Communicate with your Audience.

Register here. Entry fee: 50€
Limited capacity: 12 projects

Participants must submit, in advance:
· 3-5 images of their proposed project
· Project Description (150-word maximum)
· A concise, one-sentence “elevator pitch” of their project

Jessica Serran (CAN)

Jessica Serran is an International Artist and Leader of the Becoming Artist Movement. When not in her studio, she helps visual artists discover their own Creative Calling and become leaders of an International Creative Movement through the power of community.
Her ability to see the genius in others, combined with a seamless blend of intuition and logic, is giving artists around the globe permission, (and the tools) to step into their brilliance and become the artists, healers and community leaders they are here to be.
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Luka Piskorić (SLO)

Luka Piškorič is a co-founder of the Slovenia Crowdfunding initiative and a strategic consultant to multiple crowdfunding campaigns, which turned young creatives and innovators into successful startups.
He is also a co-founder of the Slovenia Coworking Initiative and Poligon Creative Centre, an autonomous coworking platform for young professionals, creative communities and startups operating in the field of creative economies, social entrepreneurship and culture