Magdaléna Haľková
3 min

Košice Artist in Residence is moving on in 2016

KAIR Košice Artist in Residence became an independent civic association. The project was an important part of the activities of the European Capital of Culture, and later Creative Industry Košice.

Košice Artist in Residence was established in 2011 as one of the key projects for Košice - European Capital of Culture of 2013(ECOC) to fulfill one of its main pillars, the artistic mobility. 

KAIR is operating at international level. Each residency is either based on the cooperation with foreign artists or organizations that work in Košice, or the work of Slovak artists abroad. For the five years, the project realized over 80 residencies. KAIR, as the independent civic association, started from February 1st 2016. „To found the civic association is not the sudden decision. Some of the ECOC projects just have the potential to be independent from the organization and then work as the local cultural operators," says Zuzana Kotiková who works on the K.A.I.R. since 2013. In the newly formed civic association she will work along with artist and gallerist Peter Housková. 

Until now, the project K.A.I.R. was part of the non-profit organization Creative Industry Košice. The NPO was created by renaming Košice 2013 NPO in September 2015 with the aim to continue to work on some projects based on the European Capital of Culture which include the education, development of human capital, the creation of conditions for professionalization of talented people in the city and raising the profile of the city of Košice at the local, national, as well as the international level. 

"KAIR became independent similarly as the White Night festival, which was also one of the key projects of the ECOC. Mainly for the same reason - to be able to fulfill their potential. It is important for us as an organization but also for the city of Košice to promote and create a network of independent cultural operators,“ says Michal Hladký, director of Creative Industry Košice. 

"The project is not anymore in the incubation phase of setting up the structure, goals or partners network. For five years we have managed to create quite a diverse and stable network of partners from the European Union countries but also from Ukraine, Georgia and Japan,“ adds Kotiková. 

The upcoming KAIR residencies will be focused on the art and science collaboration as well as new media. They would like to gradually develop the cooperation with local partners such as the Technical University of Kosice or DIG Gallery, with which they also prepare the nearest residence. 

KAIR plans fit well in Košice ambition to become part of the network of UNESCO City of Media Arts „We will continue in close cooperation with KAIR and we look forward to support and see new interdisciplinary intersections that artistic residencies bring," adds Hladký. 

First Art and Science residence will start in March. German composer Christoph Reiserer will cooperate for few months with students of the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence of Technical University of Košice on the creation of his artistic project.