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Meet our partners in the EXCTE project - Ale/SWE

The Creative Industry Košice, n.o., together with six partners in the EXCITE project (Entrepreneurs eXchange for Innovations in Europe), which focuses on entrepreneurship in the creative and cultural sector has become a part of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program.

Example of a healthy business environment for small area is a Swedish commune Ale that is our partner in the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs.
Ale the town is located only 50 km from Gothenburg, the second largest city of Sweden. The surrounding area is also characterized by excellent infrastructure and good transport links.

Perhaps inconspicuous municipality Ale and its surroundings were twice consecutively nominated for the climber by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Which evaluated the business climate between the municipalities. Ale achieved this nominations thanks to the strong links of politicians, government employees and industry. Results from 2015 suggest even further enhancing the business climate.

Are you planning to start your business? / Are you an existing entrepreneur for less than 3 years? 

Would you like to work with experienced European entrepreneur abroad?

Would you like to develop your entrepreneurship skills or business idea?

Are you willing to build or already building your new business around your creative skills?

Apply now for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs support!

Non-profit organisation Creative Industry Košice along with 6 partners within project EXCITE (Entrepreneurs eXchange for Innovations in Europe) has become a part of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme focusing on the entrepreneurship in Creative and Culture Industries and we invite all the initiative and young entrepreneurs to participate.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

is a cross-border exchange programme of length between 1 -6 months aimed for proactive and new entrepreneurs who will be matched with experienced entrepreneurs looking for a fresh air in their businesses on the other.
This collaboration based on the partnership and mutual learning gives you:

the experience to establish and grow your own business,
new international contacts and wider networks,
access to and experience on the new market,
potential further cooperation opportunities,
chance to gain new knowledge and skills needed for running their own businesses,
opportunity to innovate and further develop your products and services.
What we provide?

We will process your application and make sure that it contains everything required. Right after that we will start looking for a perfect match for you and your business. We will find you an ideal partner who will help you to develop and improve your business activities.

Who should apply?

people who want to start their own business or
already existing entrepreneurs for less than 3 years (there is no age limit)
New entrepreneurs are expected to have a clear idea of their (potential) business, plans and action steps. Thus,you should fulfill certain requirements! Check them out here.

What can you do?

Basically, you can learn from experienced. You will have a chance:

to shadow the host entrepreneur, so you will get an insight into his business and learn from an entrepreneurial environment you will be in,
to look for new business opportunities,
to improve your business plan,
to innovate your products and services,
to take a deeper look into different ways of financing small businesses,
and to get inspired in branding, sales, marketing or other fields.
And you have what to offer, too. Taking a fresh look at existing and running business operations and processes, you, as an external, unbiased but still somewhat involved person, can give some useful suggestions what to improve or change.

How to apply and where to get more info?

For more information about how to apply:

see enclosed EYE leaflet
contact Mr Marián Matusák on if you have any questions